CHIPS for America Research and Development

M. Dowell
National Institute of Standards and Technology,
United States


The purpose of the CHIPS for America Research and Development (CHIPS R&D) program is to advance the development of semiconductor technologies and to enhance the competitiveness of the U.S. semiconductor industry.  The CHIPS R&D programs addresses five cross-cutting issues that were identified through interactions with stakeholders: Access to facilities and equipment for late-stage R&D and prototyping​Advanced metrology​ and characterizationAdvanced packaging and testing​Advanced manufacturing technologyWorkforce development​To address these semiconductor R&D ecosystem gaps, CHIPS for America invests $11 billion in four overlapping entities, all of which include some aspect of workforce training. These programs will share infrastructure, participants, and projects. They will operate in coordination with each other, with the CHIPS Incentives Program, and with microelectronics R&D programs supported by other U.S. federal agencies. ​CHIPS R&D programs will be informed by industry’s needs, and innovations from the R&D programs will accelerate innovation and increase competitiveness in the American semiconductor industry and establish our leadership in the sector for decades to come.