JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Index of Affiliations

Rare Earth TechnologiesM4.241High Efficiency, Green, Clean Domestic Separation and Purification
RCAM Technologies, Inc.M2.384Low Cost Locally Manufactured Marine Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Systems
RedflowM2.382Redflow's unique journey to achieving scale for zinc bromine flow batteries
Regenesis BioremediationT4.642Advances in Solid Phase Colloidal Materials for Environmental Remediation
REM SURFACE ENGINEERINGM4.365Post-Process Superfinishing of Additively Manufactured Aluminum Components with Complex Geometries
REM SURFACE ENGINEERINGM4.368Development of Build and Post-Build Guidelines for Additively Manufactured IN-718 Components
REM SURFACE ENGINEERINGM8.421Addressing Scalability and Surface Related Defects of Additively Manufactured Nickle-Based Superalloy Componen…
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteM8.461AI and THz Based Advanced Hardware Security and Reliability Testing for VLSI
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteT2.444Sustainable Synthesis of Silk-Inspired Polymers
Revolution Power Inc. d/b/a PoweritT4.622Non-lithium battery cathode manufacturing
Rio TintoM2.221Full-value Copper Mining: A Gateway to Critical Mineral Resources
Rio TintoM2.222A unique North American Source of Gallium, with its challenges
Rivalia Chemical Co.M4.242Harvesting Rare-Earth Elements from Coal Fly Ash Using Recyclable Reagents
Robert Gordon UniversityT8.581The Study of Hydrogen Transport in Metals
Robert Gordon UniversityW4.588Consideration of the re-use of Oil and Gas Stainless Steel Pipelines for Hydrogen Transport
Rowan UniversityM2.523Using 3D Printed Metamaterial Filters to Mitigate Inaudible Ultrasound Attacks on Smart Speakers
Rowan UniversityM4.385Investigating Intersection Safety with 3D Object Detection and Digital Twin Technology from Video Data
Rowan UniversityM8.461Detection of Distracted Driving using Deep Learning Algorithm
Rowan UniversityT8.242Properties of cement paste containing innovative reclaimed cement
RutgersM4.387Parsimonious Physics-Informed Learning of Parametric Relationships in Manufacturing Processes
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