Stable uniform nanoparticle dispersion in composite materials for antibacterial food packaging

S. Lee
C&G Hitech Co., Ltd.,

Keywords: nanoparticles on powder (NPP), physical vapor deposition, composite, antibacterial, food packaging


Polymeric materials (PE, PP etc.) were modified by nanoparticles on powder (NPP) process in which metal nanoparticles (Cu, Cu/Zn alloy etc.) are formed on the rotating carrier powder in physical vapor deposition system. The modified carrier materials were then added to raw polymer matrices. Modified polymeric powder added polymer composites were synthesized by conventional processes such as hot melting, extrusion, T-die, and their antibacterial characteristics were investigated. We ultimately developed antibacterial food package by adding modified polymeric powder in polymer matrices. Since food package containing 0.03wt.% modified LLDPE powder with Cu nanoparticles showed over 99.9% bacteria reduction rate, it slowed down the progress of deterioration significantly compared to conventional packages.