JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2024 Program - Index of Affiliations

AffiliationDayPresenter(s)Talk title
Spin Q Biophysics, Inc.M4.381D. HoganAdvancements in quantum material science and engineering technology to reprogram molecules.
SPOC ProteomicsT4.146B. Takulapalli, C. Agu, R. Cook, W. Martelly, L. G…Preparing for the next pandemic: Using a novel SPOC SPR assay for diagnosis and biosurveillance for …
StanfordT4.254K. BhuwalkaPanelist
Stanford UniversityW2.361M. PendharkarTorsional Force Microscopy of Van der Waals Moires and Atomic Lattices
Stanford UniversityW2.364A.P. Saunders, A. Krayev, V. Chen, A.C. Johnson, A…Exfoliation of Nanoribbons from Bulk van der Waals Crystals for Optical and Electronic Characterizat…
Stanford UniversityM4.203J. CaersAccelerating critical mineral exploration world-wide using AI
Stonehill CollegeT8.506G. Gu, C. Schnitzer, R. Adams, J. Evora, V. Taylor…Photonics Programs at Stonehill College: Bridging Education and Industry
Stonehill CollegeM4.247G. Gu, C. Schnitzer, N. Vu, B. Bacon, R. Adams, T.…Photonics Programs at Stonehill College: Bridging Education and Industry
Stony Brook UniversityM4.361E.S. Takeuchi, K.J. Takeuchi, A.C. MarschilokAqueous Zinc Batteries for Large Scale Storage: Role of Electrolyte
Stony Brook UniversityM4.362K.J. Takeuchi, A.C. Marschilok, E.S. TakeuchiRecent Insights into Zinc/Manganese Oxide Batteries for Large Scale Energy Storage
Stony Brook University; Brookhaven National laboratoryM4.363A.C. Marschilok, E.S. Takeuchi, K.J. TakeuchiEnergy Storage for Energy Systems: Approaches for a Sustainable Energy Future
Strategic Analysis, Inc.T4.466K. DeMarcoReview Panelist
SUNY University at BuffaloM2.163E.K. Marecki, B. Davidson, P. Knight, K.W. Oh2D-Hydrodynamic Flow Focused Microfluidic Analog to Bulk Nanoparticle Fabrication
Swarm-Drones LLCM4.515T. ChiSWARM - personal assistant and Bodyguard drones
Symphony Therapeutics (subsidiary of Integral BioSystems)T2.184S.P. Barman, K. Barman, S. Harris, K. WardOcuHeal UV-400+ : Ophthalmic, UV-blocking, Anti-oxidant, Preservative-free Nanolipid Eye-drop
Symphony Therapeutics, LLCT2.686S. BarmanOcuHeal™-UV400+: The First Ophthalmic UV-Sunblock Eyedrop Product
SynerGene Therapeutics, Inc.M8.330J.B. Harford, S.S. Kim, M. Moghe, A.S. Rait, K.F. …SynerGene’s Versatile Platform Technology for Delivery of Diverse Molecules Into TfR-expressing Ce…
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