2D-Hydrodynamic Flow Focused Microfluidic Analog to Bulk Nanoparticle Fabrication

E.K. Marecki, B. Davidson, P. Knight, K.W. Oh
SUNY University at Buffalo,
United States

Keywords: nanoparticle, encapsulation efficiency, 2D-hydrodynamic flow focused, emulsification-solvent evaporation, precipitation


Increasing nanoparticle (NP) encapsulation efficiency (EE) remains an issue for bulk nanoparticle fabrication and so microfluidic methods have been proposed. Nanoparticle fabrication in microfluidic designs occurs by self-assembly when a water-miscible organic solvent and water are rapidly mixed as opposed to rapid mixing of a water-immiscible organic solvent and water. The microfluidic method offers increased EE as the working volume is smaller, there is higher experimental control, and more uniform mixing. A 2D-hydrodynamic flow focused (2DHFF) microfluidic design was made which made NPs of comparable size and charge and increased NP EE.