Photonics Programs at Stonehill College: Bridging Education and Industry

G. Gu, C. Schnitzer, N. Vu, B. Bacon, R. Adams, T. Seaward, J. Evora, J. Wong, C. Dwyer, and C. Leonard
Stonehill College,
United States

Keywords: photonics, optics, certificate, internships, advanced manufacturing, education


The Photonics Program at Stonehill College brings academics and industry together in a state-invested, modern laboratory. The degree-granting and certificate programs provide students with hands-on learning experiences, focusing on materials characterization, photo-detection, and high-speed testing of photonic integrated circuits. The Photonics Certificate Program, spanning 12-months and 24-credits, offers a comprehensive curriculum covering essential skills in optics, photonics, lasers, electronics, and advanced manufacturing. The emphasis on practical, in-person training aims to prepare students for immediate employment opportunities in the field of photonics and advanced manufacturing.