JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2024 Program - Index of Affiliations

AffiliationDayPresenter(s)Talk title
AAR CorporationW2.352J. BlumenauReview Panelist
AAR CorporationM4.631J. BlumenauReview Panelist
Adaptive Computation LLCW2.085T.A. Duong and Q.D. DuongAutonomous Intelligent Architecture—Preliminary Results
Advanced Ceramic Fibers, LLCT4.608K. KollerDirect Conversion Process™, UHT Silicon Carbon Fiber (Fi-Bar™) Materials
Advanced Technology International (ATI)T1.023P. DudleyATI Catalyzing National Innovation
Advent TechnologiesM2.263E.S. De CastroFuel Cells with Superior Heat Rejection
Aegis Power SystemsM4.491A. VaughnBidirectional Power Converter
Alabama State UniversityT8.421K. Vig, A. Azzouz, M. ZafaryabUsing Low Temperature Plasma (LTP) to Develop Scaffolds with Antimicrobial Properties for Tissue Reg…
Alabama State UniversityT8.422K. Vig, A. Azzouz, M. ZafaryabAdvancing Antimicrobial Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration Using Low Temperature Plasma (LTP)
Allbright ConsultingM4.434G.B. Rodrigue, M. Shumbera, J.M. SmithLEO – A New Technology Platform – Leveraging Low Earth Orbit for Advanced Materials Research and…
Alloy EnterprisesT4.301H. RoweDesign for Saleability: when metal AM sold, when it didn't, and why
Ames LabT4.053M.J. Kramer, A. Palasyuk, I.Z. Hlova, J. Cui, I.C.…Critical Materials Consideration in the Development of Permanent Magnets
Ames National LaboratoryT2.442A. PalasyukCritical Rare Earth Free Cerium Gap Magnets
Ames National LaboratoryT8.325A. Karati, P. Gargh, S. Paul, S. Das, A. Sarkar, P…Battery Materials Recycling and Green Hydrogen Co-Production
Ames National LaboratoryT4.054A. Palasyuk, A. Swanson, M. BesserCerium Gap Magnets (CGMs). Towards a new castable mass market magnet.
Ames National Laboratory/Iowa State University Research FoundationM2.425C. ForneyA Method of Mechanochemically-Assisted Extraction of Lithium from α-Spodumene and Other Hard-rock Minerals
ANSERM4.548R. SpencerReview Panelist
Applied Physics & Materials Science at CaltechM8.402J.U. Gadea MoralesUsing Electron Beam Lithography to Perform Full Process Calibration using TRACER ​
ApsidalT2.330A. DePanelist
ApsidalM4.432A. DeZBLAN in Space: Comparing Phase Transitions in Microgravity versus Earth’s Gravity
Sponsors & Partners
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