Design for Saleability: when metal AM sold, when it didn't, and why

H. Rowe
Alloy Enterprises,
United States


No matter how excellent a new technology is, it still has to be sold in order to reach widespread adoption. And if you think the development process is long, difficult, labor intensive and unforgiving, well--the same difficulties apply to selling it. Selling additive is an unforgiving, uphill battle against the inertia of existing technologies and mindsets. Therefore, to innovators of new technology, sales as crucial a consideration during the design stage as other secondary considerations such as manufacturability. This talk is aimed at innovators of new additive technologies and will begin with the stories of a few unsuccessful go-to-market strategies in metal additive. Next, I'll outline basic design standards that your future sales team knows are necessary for a new innovation to be saleable--but are often overlooked and should be incorporated early. Finally, I will share a roadmap of what it might look like to bring a new innovation to market successfully.