LEO – A New Technology Platform – Leveraging Low Earth Orbit for Advanced Materials Research and Manufacturing

G.B. Rodrigue, M. Shumbera, J.M. Smith
Allbright Consulting,
United States

Keywords: LEO, technology demonstrations, advance materials, microgravity, flight heritage, terrestrial use


This white paper aims to explore the potential of conducting advanced materials / textiles research and manufacturing in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and outlines the unparalleled opportunities and challenges presented by the space environment. Microgravity and other distinct attributes of LEO can be used to accelerate material and textile design, development, and testing, ultimately driving innovation and enhancing US competitiveness both on Earth and in space. The benefits of microgravity and manufacturing in LEO can be multi-fold, depending upon the application. This white paper identifies the unique attributes that can help propel new discoveries and game-changing innovations that could have enormous commercial impact and keep companies at the cutting edge of the technology development for advanced materials and textiles.