JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Index of Affiliations

PerkinElmer IncM8.884Analytical Methods for Implantable Medical Devices: Bioprosthetic Heart Valves and Hip Implants
PerkinElmer IncT8.329Investigating Recycled Battery Materials using a Range of Analytical Methods
Phoenix TailingsT4.461Considerations for Sustainable Rare Earth Separation
Physical ElectronicsT4.446Analysis of buried interfaces for device technology by soft and hard X-ray photoemission
Polaron AnalyticsM4.368Software tool for in-space printing of reliable parts
Pollen MetrologyM4.225Accelerate time to market of semiconductor industry using AI software platform dedicated to data analytics for…
Polykala Technologies LLCW4.487Nano and Single-Atom Catalysts Manufacturing Assisted by Inexpensive Custom Designed Low-Temperature Plasma
PolyMaterials App, LLCM4.426Thermally Controlled Integrated Energy Storage Device for DoD Applications
Polystyvert Inc.M2.327Solvents-based Green Recycling Process of Polystyrene and Associated Copolymers
Princeton Plasma Physics LaboratoryT4.538Critical Materials for High Field Fusion Needs and A Potential Alternative HTS
Princeton Plasma Physics LaboratoryT8.227Princeton Collaborative Research Facility: diagnostics and modeling for plasma material synthesis and processi…
Princeton UniversityM4.446Techno-economic assessments of fuels or electricity production from biomass with CO2 capture
Purdue UniversityM2.261The effects of beam dynamics on Atomic Force Microscopy measurements
Purdue UniversityM2.264Low Frequency Photothermal Excitation of AFM Microcantilevers
Purdue UniversityM2.345Data-driven modeling for microstructure-property relationships of stainless steels
Purdue UniversityM4.363A novel hybrid approach to laser additive manufacturing of aluminum alloys with concurrent cryogenic quenching…
Purdue UniversityT2.244Superhydrophobic metal and polymer surfaces created inside microchannels using a femtosecond laser
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