JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Index of Affiliations

U.S. Department of EnergyM2.441DOE Overview of Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Research, Development, and Demonstration
U.S. International Trade CommissionW4.544COVID-19 Vaccines: Technology Transfer And Licensing Facilitated Rapid Deployment
U.S. National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT4.523Evaluation of FluidFM for genome editing in single cells
UbihereM4.384Artificial Intelligence for Visual Battlefield Awareness
UESTC, Glasgow College, China, University of Glasgow, UKT4.646Carrier Transport and Behaviour of Hybrid Photovoltaic Solar Cell – Inorganic and Organic Nanocrystals Devic…
Ulsan National Institute of Science and TechnologyM8.441Flexible Personal Thermoregulatory Device Embedded with Silver Nanoparticle
United States Naval AcademyW4.443Cyber-Physical Trust Anchors for a Secure Supply Chain
Univ. of Cincinnati/Univ. of MarylandW4.441Industrial AI-Augmented Predictive Methodlogy for Highly Connected and Complex Industrial Systems
Universal Monitoring & Inspection, Inc.M8.421New diagnostic module for a telemetry circuit components by loosely coupled coils as wireless power transmissi…
Universal Monitoring & Inspection, Inc.T8.541A new diagnostic module for a telemetry circuit components by loosely coupled coils as wireless power transmis…
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoM8.981Portable device for multiple pathogen detection via LAMP
University at AlbanyM2.362Predicting Antimalarial Activity of Compounds using SMILES strings and Machine Learning: A Study on the Relati…
University at BuffaloM2.368Automated Detection and Classification of Vehicle Dashboard Warning Lights for Improved Understanding of Vehic…
University at BuffaloM4.381Automated Classification of Electric Vehicle Models and Drivetrains by Means of Magnetic Field Characterizatio…
University at Buffalo, SUNYW4.584Advanced Catalysts for Clean Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Water ElectrolyzerTechnologies
University of AlbertaW4.481The Spring's the Thing: How Kirigami Techniques and Biomimetic Adhesives can Remake Materials
University of California at BerkeleyT4.4422D nanomaterial-based multifunctional membranes for metal and oxyanion removal
University of California MercedM8.361Understanding the Effect of Fabrication Technique on Plarn Properties
University of California, BerkeleyM4.561Node-Pore Sensing: How a (Humble) Four-Terminal Measurement Can Measure the Mechanical Properties of Single Ce…
University of California, Los AngelesT4.441Ion Selective Ion Exchange Membranes for the specific Recovery of Phosphorous and Lithium
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