JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Index of Affiliations

National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT2.421Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Dynamic Hydration Layer in a Polyzwitterionic Polymer
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT4.445Surface and subsurface quantitative mechanical property measurements by contact resonance atomic force microsc…
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT4.448Silicon Dopant Quantification in Atom Probe Tomography
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT4.453Effect of Film Thickness and Temperature on the CO2 Sorption in Poly(ethyleneimine)
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT4.454Correlating the Diffusion of Water in Model Polyamides with Controlled Cross-link Densities to their Performan…
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT4.568A sure shot: Fine-tuning focused ion beam placement with critical-dimension localization microscopy
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyW2.233What’s Missing in Your Cure Kinetics Model for Advanced Epoxy Molding Compounds?
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyW2.241Quantifying Adsorbed Dispersant Layers on Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes in Simple and Complex Environments
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyW2.368Traceability of NIST Reference Cantilever Array for Standard Reference Material 3461
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyW6.223Measurement sensitivity in electrostatic force and force gradient microscopy-based modes
National Institute of Standards and Technology,W2.235X-ray Metrology for Semiconductor Nanostructures
National Institute of TelecommunicationsT8.382Development of Antenna Systems for 4G, 5G and B5G Applications
National Institute of Telecommunications (Inatel)T8.568AI-Based Linearization Schemes for 5G/6G Fiber/Wireless Systems
National Institute on Drug AbuseM4.525Supporting Translation of Novel Neurotechnology Medical Devices through the NIH Blueprint MedTech Initiative
National Institutes of HealthM4.521Immunoregulatory dendritic cells in tissue development after muscle trauma
National Institutes of Health (NIH)T4.521Multiplexed nanoscale viscoelastic mapping of melanoma cells as a biomarker of tumor progression and metastasi…
National Renewable Energy LaboratoryT4.464Development of Novel Ligand Chemistries for Light-driven Reactions Toward Separation of Critical Rare Earths
National Renewable Energy LaboratoryT8.324Illuminating the Difference in Photochemical Oxygen Atom Transfer Reactivity in Model Rare Earth Metal-Organic…
National Taiwan UniversityT8.643Translation of Cellular-Resolution OCT Images to H&E-Like Stained Images via Generative Adversarial Network
National University of SingaporeM8.581Universal Precursor for Efficient Sugar Synthesis
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