JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Index of Affiliations

ibLaunch CompanyM4.383Utilizing AI & Wearable Technology to Optimize Physical Performance in Military Personnel
IBM ResearchT4.441In-Line Metrology Requirements and Needs for Leading Edge Technology
Idaho National LaboratoryT4.622EC-Leach: Sustainable Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling
Idaho National LaboratoryT4.623Critical Materials Recovery from Recycled Lithium-ion Batteries
Idaho National LaboratoryT8.323Enhancing the Electrophoretic Separation of Rare Earth Elements Through Complexation with Carboxylate Ligands
Idaho State UniversityT4.535Utilization of Ultra-High Performance Concrete in Commercial Fusion Energy Facilities
Idaho State UniversityT8.330Use of Tetrataenite as a Magnetic Material in Nuclear Engineering Applications
Illumination Works, LLC.T8.563AI-driven Part Printability Recommendation System for Additive Manufacturing
Imperial College LondonM2.442On the role and value of BECCS in deep decarbonisation scenarios
Imperial College LondonM4.442What does net-zero industry look like?
Imperial College LondonM4.564A Low-Cost Graphene Biosensing Platform for Multi-Analyte Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Inatel - Instituto Nacional de TelecomunicaçõesM8.446PoF – Power over Fiber: A Novel Approach for Energy Transmission in B5G Networks
Industrial technology research instituteT8.546Performance of Recyclable Solar Module with Termoplastic Encapsulant
Instituto Politecnico NacionalM8.452Ex situ structure-properties analysis of CeOx-TiOx-RGO as a potential groundbreaking Na-ion supercapacitor mat…
Integrity IntegrationT4.562Digital Material Deposition using Inkjet - Inkjet for Industrial 3D Applications
Interstellar TherapeuticsM2.486Human Clinical Tissue Engineering Trials
InventWoodM4.466Super Strong Wood Materials for A Sustainable Built Environment
Iowa State UniversityM8.447New Coating Additives: Tiny Soap Particles that Help Repel Water
Iowa State UniversityT8.922Functional Inks for Additive Manufacturing of Electronics
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