JUNE 17-19, 2024

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Index of Affiliations

Archimedes Controls Corp.M2.545Wireless and Battery-Less Universal Power Consumption Monitoring Sensor
Argonne National LabW4.583PGM-free Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalysts for Hydrogen Production by PEM Water Electrolyzer
Argonne National LaboratoryM4.322Properties of VO2 thin films grown through remote epitaxy on graphene interlayer
Argonne National LaboratoryM8.524Decarbonization of the US Steel Industry
Argonne National LaboratoryM8.525Assessing the Feasibility and Cost of Decarbonizing the U.S. Refinery Sector
Argonne National LaboratoryT4.541Disrupting Lubrication Industry: Achieving Superlubricity on Rough Steel Surfaces without Oil Under Sustained …
Argonne National LaboratoryT8.644Development of Compact 2D Carbon Beam Scanners for Cancer Therapy
Arizona State UniversityM4.481Multiphase Direct Ink Writing for Nanocomposite Manufacturing
Arizona State UniversityT2.341Massively-Accessible Approach to Metal 3D Printing
ARPA-ET2.291ARPAE Programs on Materials: Status and Perspectives
AtapirM8.990Remote, Non-Contact Monitor of Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Pulse Oximetry, Pain, Mood, Perfusion, and other …
attocube Systems AGT2.284Infrared correlation nanoscopy with unprecedented spectral coverage
Azimuth CorporationM2.527Deep Diffractive Neural Network Meta-surface: Smart Optics through Smart Design
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