JUNE 19-21, 2023

TechConnect World 2023 Program - Index of Affiliations

University of Central FloridaT2.281Exploiting infrared light-matter interactions to explore complex systems at the nanoscale
University of Hertfordshire-Egypt CampusT8.262Chitosomes Loaded Psoralidin: A Magic Bullet for the Oral Treatment of Lung Cancer
University of Illinois - UCT4.661Generative Models for Synthetically Accessible Polymers
University of Illinois at ChicagoM4.323Low Dimensional Mid and High Entropy Chalcogenides: New Functional Materials for Energy Applications Abstract
University of Illinois at ChicagoT4.662Accelerating Materials Discovery and Design using AI and Machine Learning
University of Iowa Technology InstituteM4.386Predictive Human Motion Using Physics-Based Avatars for Unreal Engine 4
University of LagosM8.881Mechanical and In Vitro Bioactivity Study of Barium-based Bioactive Glass/Starch Nanobiocomposite as Candidate…
University of MarylandT4.701Membrane displacement traps for deterministic droplet and cell manipulation
University of MarylandW2.262TBA
University of MassachsuettsM2.526“Printing” High Performance All-Inorganic Metalenses, Waveguides and Diffractive Optics
University of Massachusetts AmherstM4.325Rapid, Large Area Fabrication of Porous Graphene Networks from Polyaniline on Carbon Fiber using Photothermal …
University of Massachusetts-LowellM4.344The effect of organic nucleating agents on crystallization behavior of polylactic acid
University of Massachusetts-LowellT4.581Functionalization of Injection Molded Parts Using Hierarchical Femtosecond Laser Ablation
University of Nevada, RenoW2.361Contact Resonance AFM using Long, Massive, Flexible Tips
University of Nevada, RenoW2.363Improved Contact Resonance Atomic Force Microscopy Data Analysis Techniques
University of New MexicoM2.361TBA
University of North Carolina at CharlotteM2.424Substituted [3]radialenes as two-electron catholytes for non-aqueous redox flow batteries
University of North TexasT2.361Metal-CO2 batteries for effective CO2 conversion and energy storage
University of Notre DameT4.686Biomimetic, Antibiotic Free, Nanoparticles for Agent Agnostic Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Action including ES…
University of PennsylvaniaT2.321Two-Dimensional Heterostructures for Logic, Memory and Photonics
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