OCTOBER 18-20, 2021

TechConnect World 2021 Program - Wednesday October 20

7:00RegistrationCherry Blossom Lobby
9:00Defense TechConnect Keynote ProgramWoodrow Wilson A
Session chair: Jennifer Rocha, TechConnect, US
9:05DOD Senior Climate Advisor to the SECDEF
J. Bryan, U.S. Department of Defense, US
9:20MOSAICS KeynoteWoodrow Wilson A
9:20More Situational Awareness for Industrial Control Systems (MOSAICS) JCTD
G. Ka'iliwai III, U.S. Indo Pacific Command, US
9:35Defense TechConnect Keynote Panel: DoD Speed of Innovation for Contested and Congested EnvironmentsWoodrow Wilson A
Session chair: Jennifer Rocha, TechConnect, US
10:00Special DEFENSEWERX Funding AnnouncementWoodrow Wilson A
Session chair: Brad Chedister, DEFENSEWERX, US
L. Sanders, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), US
S. Lauver, AFWERX, US
Army Futures Command
B. Halloran, Army Applications Lab, US
8:30Quantum Track KeynoteWoodrow Wilson C
Session chair: William L. Wilson, Harvard University & Loucas Tsakalakos, L3Harris Technologies, Inc.
8:30Introductory Remarks
8:35Quantum Sensing of Quantum Materials Using NV center Microscopy
A. Yacoby, Harvard University, US
9:00Quantum Engineering for Superconducting Qubits
M. Schwartz, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, US
9:25The Second Quantum Revolution: Fundamentals, Present Status, and Prospects
Z. Zhang, University of Arizona, US
9:50Emerging Quantum Sensor Applications of Coherent Spins in Semiconductors
B. Zhou, Boston College, US
8:30AI Track KeynoteWoodrow Wilson D
Session chair: Richard Ross, 3M Company & Peter Koenig, Procter & Gamble
8:30Closed-loop autonomous combinatorial experimentation for streamlined materials discovery
I. Takeuchi, University of Maryland, US
9:00From atoms to emergent mechanisms with information bottleneck and diffusion probabilistic models
P. Tiwary, University of Maryland, US
9:30Deep Learning for Linking Chemical and Biological Space in Small Molecules and Macromolecules
A. Shehu, George Mason University, US
8:30Advanced Manufacturing Track KeynoteBaltimore 1
Session chair: Joey Mead, University of Massachusetts
8:30Reshaping Manufacturing in the Post-Pandemic Era: Where Additive Manufacturing Is Now
P. Zelinski, Additive Manufacturing, US
9:00NSF Advanced Manufacturing Program and Research Opportunities
K. Cooper, National Science Foundation, US
9:30Sustainable and Scalable Manufacturing of Microelectronics Using Directed Assembly of Nanomaterials
A. Busnaina, Northeastern University, US
10:15SBIR/STTR Inside the Head of an EvaluatorWoodrow Wilson B
E. Hawkes, SBA, US
J. Thabet, DARPA, US
J. Hollister, BBC Consulting, US
J. Colraine, Air Force Ventures, US
10:00Coffee BreakCherry Blossom Lobby
10:30Bio-inspired Coatings, Materials & SustainabilityAnnapolis 1
Session chair: Geoffrey Geise, University of Virginia
10:30Nature-Inspired Materials for Water Sustainability Applications
T-S Wong, The Pennsylvania State University, US
10:55Performance of low friction bio-inspired coatings in hydrodynamic journal bearings
M. Rutkevičius, J. Dong, Y. Sharma, J. Viertel, C. Lipscomb, S. Beckford, ABB Inc., US
11:15Cirrus Paint-free Colour™: Robust Coloured Coatings on (light metal) Alloys, pp. 85-88
C. Goode, F. Hou, I. Mardon, Cirrus Materials Science Ltd., NZ
10:30AI for Advanced Materials Discovery & DesignAnnapolis 2
Session chair: Richard Ross, 3M Company & Peter Koenig, Procter & Gamble
10:30The combination of data-driven and physics-based modeling with application in protein formulations
J.G.E.M. Fraaije, P. Petris, Siemens Culgi, NL
10:55Next Generation PCIe Network Fabric for Simulators and Performance Computing
C.T. Reynolds, Technical Systems Integrators, US
11:15AI-accelerated materials innovation: From Optoelectronics to Fluorescent Biomarkers
C. Kreisbeck, Kebotix, US
11:35Machine Learning for the Exploration of Nanomaterial Synthesis Parameter Spaces
R. Sappington, B. Cornick, Epic Advanced Materials, US
11:55A Self-Driving Laboratory for Accelerated Materials Discovery
C.P. Berlinguette, J.E. Hein, A. Aspuru-Guzik, B.P. MacLeod, F.G.L. Parlane, University of British Columbia, CA
10:30Applied Biomaterials: Drug/Gene DeliveryBaltimore 4
Session chair: Jeannine Coburn, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
10:30Examining and exploiting lymphatic vessels for drug delivery at mucosal surfaces
K. Maisel, University of Maryland, US
11:00Identifying the cytosolic fate of DNA nanostructures
D. Mathur, K. Rogers, S.A. Díaz, M. Muroski, W.P. Klein, L. Field, J.B. Delehanty, I.L. Medintz, George Mason University, US
11:20Novel Guidewire Design and Coating for Continuous Delivery of Adenosine During Interventional Procedures
E. Brewer, Z. Brown, M. Foreman, A. Lowman, E. Menshikova, E. Jackson, Rowan University, US
10:30Water TechnologiesCamellia 3
Session chair: Rebecca Locker, Modern Meadow
10:30Using the Membrane Biofilm Reactor (MBfR) to Recover Platinum Group Metals (PGM), Rare Earth Elements (REE), and Valuable materials as Nanoparticles from Wastewater, pp. 246-250
B. Lusk, B. Rittmann, C. Ray, C. Zhou, L. Thompson, Precient Technologies, US
10:50Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron-Enabled Treatment Train Approach for PFAS-Contaminated Water
A. Wells Carpenter, J. Darcy, M. Modiri-Gharehveran, L.S. Lee, AxNano, US
11:10Zero Liquid Discharge Cooling for Industrial Applications
C. Martin, Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota, US
11:30Nano-enabled High-Throughput Sensor for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Detection
A.W. Carpenter, J. Darcy, W. Storm, AxNano, US
10:30Thermal Energy StorageWoodrow Wilson D
Session chair: Clifford Ho, Sandia National Laboratories
10:30How Long-Duration, Thermal Energy Storage Can Support the Grid of the Future
B. Bollinger, Malta, Inc., US
10:55Development of a Phase Change Energy Storage Module with High Recovery Rate for Power Generation Applications, pp. 224-227
M. Belaed, M.M. Rahman, Wichita State University, US
11:15Economic Viability of Flexible Carbon Capture for Natural Gas Power Plants
J.C. Quinn, B.J. Limb, E. Markey, S. Garland, R. Vercellino, M.D. Pisciotta, P. Psarras, J. Wilcox, D.R. Herber, T. Bandhauer, Colorado State University, US
11:35Hybrid Photovoltaic/Thermal Solar Plus Storage Cogeneration, pp. 211-214
M. Anderson, E. Gonzalez, Icarus RT, Inc., US
10:30Quantum: Separating Reality from Hype - A Panel DiscussionBaltimore 5
Session chair: William L. Wilson, Harvard University & Loucas Tsakalakos, L3Harris Technologies, Inc.
10:30Introductory Remarks
W. Wilson & L. Tsakalakos, Harvard University & L3Harris Technologies Inc.
10:35Updates on the National Quantum Initiative
A. Cronin, National Quantum Coordination Office, Office of Science and Technology Policy, US
10:50Industry Perspectives Panel with G. Thomas, P. Kulczakowicz and J. Felbinger
11:20Government agency Panel with A. Cronin, T. Curcic, J.D. Gillaspy, R. Oueid
10:30Medical Devices Innovation Spotlights IBaltimore 1
Session chair: Conrad Clyburn, MedForeSight LLC, US
10:30Tech Warrior Enterprise Innovation Spotlight
S. Swanson, Tech Warrior Enterprise, US
10:40Parsons Healthcare Innovation Spotlight
J. David, Parsons, US
H. Robertson, BraceTrack, US
10:58NanoRAD (Nano-based Residual Active Disinfectant)
C. Drake, Kismet Technologies, US
11:06Multifocal professional AR headset for Enterprise use and near distance visualization
I. Osmanis, Lightspace technologies, LV
11:14An orthopedic surgical robot
M. Abedin-Nasab, Robossis Inc - Rowan University, US
11:22glucoWISE®: Non-Invasive Glucose Testing
K. Rice, Meta Materials, CA
Review Panelist
L. Sherry, George Mason University, US
Review Panelist
J. David, Parsons, US
Review Panelist
S. Swanson, Tech Warrior Enterprise, US
Review Panelist
B. Datlof, U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC), US
Review Panelist
C. Clyburn, MedForeSight, LLC, US
10:30AI for DoD Military Advantage Across the DomainsBaltimore 2
Session chair: Winston Chang, Oasys International Corp, US
H. Dreany, U.S. Marine Corps Warfighting Lab, US
S. Tangredi, U.S. Naval War College, US
E. Griesenbrock, U.S. Air Force, US
W. Chang, Oasys International Corporation, US
10:30Operational Energy & Logistics: Contested LogisticsBaltimore 3
Session chair: Mike Mazzocco, Alytic, US
L. Pleis, U.S. Central Command, US
J. Martin, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), US
P. Losiewicz, CSIAC, U.S. Department of Defense, US
10:30MOSAICS Session IV: Deep DivesWoodrow Wilson C
Session chair: Man Nguyen, NAVFAC EXWC, US
10:30SIEM Deep Dive
P. Nguyen, Elasticsearch, US
10:45Firewall Deep Dive
E. Miller, Cisco, US
11:00ICS IDS Deep Dive
B. Aubin, Nozomi, US
11:15Orchestration Deep Dive
P. Hagy, Palo Alto XSOAR, US
11:10How Army and Air Force SBIR/STTR Programs Have ChangedWoodrow Wilson B
Session chair: John Williams, SBA, USA
LTC White, US Army, US
J. Rathje, AFWERX, US
11:40Biomedical Innovation Spotlights IIIBaltimore 1
Session chair: Geoff Orazem, Eastern Foundry, US
11:40Impruvon Health Medication Management Platform - Providing Security, Error Reduction, Compliance, and Independence for Individuals with Difficult to Maintain Medication Regimens
J. Amoyal, IMPRUVON Inc., US
11:48Robossis: Surgical Robot for Long-Bone Fracture Alignment
M. Abedin-Nasab, Rowan University, US
11:56Neurostimulation Method
L. Baugh, University of South Dakota-Sanford School of Medicine, US
12:04NeuroHawk TBI Scanner
G. Shaw, SENSE Neuro Diagnostics, Inc., US
S. Tewolde, BIOSNS, Inc, US
Review Panelist
J. David, Parsons, US
Review Panelist
C. Clyburn, MedForeSight, LLC, US
Review Panelist
L. Sherry, George Mason University, US
Review Panelist
B. Datlof, U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC), US
11:30AI Innovation Spotlights IBaltimore 2
Session chair: Winston Chang, Oasys International Corp, US
11:30A Superior Method to Correct Atmospheric Degradation of Satellite Imagery
D. Groeneveld, Advanced Remote Sensing, Inc., US
11:38AI Platform for Discovering Unmet Market Needs
J. Fegely, Aperture.ai, US
11:46Autonomous Object Identification Harnessing Full Motion Video
L. Dopp, Cutting Edge AI, US
11:54TurboSBIR - "TurboTax" for SBIR/STTR Proposal Preparation and Management
R. Doshi, OmniSync Incorporated, US
12:02Intelligent Object Magnification for Augmented Reality Displays
J. McKinley, University of Central Florida, US
A. Grosvenor, Microsurgeonbot Inc., US
12:18PICO Anywhere Suite - Distributed Intelligence Mesh for Constrained Conditions
J.D. Stanley, IoTAI, Inc, US
12:26Uptimai - Uncertainty Propagator and Statistical Optimizer
M. Kubíček, Uptimai, CZ
12:34Everykey - No more Passwords, No more Keys
C. Wentz, Everykey Inc, US
Review Panelist
H. Dreany, U.S. Marine Corps Warfighting Lab, US
Review Panelist
S. Tangredi, U.S. Naval War College, US
Review Panelist
E. Griesenbrock, U.S. Air Force, US
Review Panelist
W. Chang, Oasys International Corporation, US
12:00Lunch BreakOn own
1:00How SBIR Phase III's Benefit a PoR and the SBIR FirmWoodrow Wilson B
Session chair: John Williams, SBA, USA
ML Mackey, Beacon Interactive Systems, US
A. Mulligan, Hyrdonalix, US
R. McNamara, Ex PEO SUBS, US
1:00MOSAICS Session V: Deep Dives and MOSAICS 2.0Woodrow Wilson C
Session chair: Jeth Fogg, NORAD/NORTHCOM, US
1:15Host Sensor Deep Dive
TBA, Microsoft SYSMON, US
1:30Cyber Analytics Deep Dive
J. Bessette, Cynalytica, US
1:45Transition Strategy
2:00MOSAICS 2.0
R. Scalco, NIWC Atlantic, US
1:30User Facilities for Industrial ParticipationAzalea 1
Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota
1:30Industrial Access to the Penn State Materials Characterization Lab
J. Shallenberger, Penn State University, US
1:55NIST, Neutrons, and Next Gen Product Development
R. Jones, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
2:20Analytical Resources for Industry in an Academic Institution
J. Shu, Cornell Center for Materials Research, US
2:45Neutron Imaging and Far-Field Interferometry
K. Weigandt, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
3:10Harvard Center for NanoScale Systems: An Epicenter for Interdisciplinary Quantum and Nano Science Research and Technologie
W. Wilson, Harvard University, US
1:30Graphene, Carbon Nanostructures & DevicesAzalea 2
Session chair: Chris Sims, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Wolfgang Bacsa, University of Toulouse
1:30Two-Dimensional Carbides and Nitrides (MXenes) Enable New Energy Storage Technologies
X. Wang, Y. Gogotsi, A. VahidMohammadi, Drexel University, US
1:55Determining Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Partition Conditions in Aqueous Two-Polymer Phase Extraction with Near-Infrared Fluorescence Spectroscopy
C.M. Sims, J.A. Fagan, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
2:20A nanotube fabric approach for multifunctional composites
M.B. Jakubinek, Y. Martinez Rubi, B. Ashrafi, B. Simard, C.T. Kingston, National Research Council Canada, CA
2:45Dynamic chemical vapor deposition of carbon nanotubes: toward tailoring nucleation density and collective catalyst deactivation
J. Lee, M. Abdulhafez, G. Tomaraei, M. Bedewy, University of Pittsburgh, US
3:05Joule heating of carbon nanotube pixels for on-demand thermal patterning
M.J. Green, Texas A&M University, US
3:25Engineering the 2-Dimensional ZnO Nanoplates for a Highly Reactive Surface
S. Sakurai, J. Cho, Binghamton University - State University of New York, US
3:45Direct Laser-Induced Nanocarbon Formation on Flexible Polymers: Tailoring Porous and Fibrous Morphologies
M. Abdulhafez, M. Bedewy, University of Pittsburgh, US
1:30New Nano Delivery TechnologiesBaltimore 4
Session chair: Puneet Tyagi, AstraZeneca & Steve Zullo, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering
1:30Nanotechnology-based Tools for Addressing Viral and Cardiovascular Diseases in Pregnant Women
S. Dhar, University of Miami, US
1:55Targeted Transport of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria by Soil Protists
L.M. Shor, C. Hawxhurst, J.L. Micciulla, D.J. Gage, University of Connecticut, US
2:15The Development of Quick-Set, High-Solids Pharmaceutical Tablet Coatings
T. Kalantar, M. Ladika, H. Shao, S. Dean, K. Harris, P. Sheskey, K. Coppens, K. Balwinski, D. Holbrook, Dow, Inc., US
2:35mRNA: from addressing global pandemics to medicines of the future
L. Santos, AstraZeneca, US
3:00Investigation of Lyophilized Platelet Interactions with Human Platelets In Vitro
B. Schnoor, A.-L. Papa, George Washington University, US
3:20A Cancer-Favoring, Engineered Vaccinia Virus for Cholangiocarcinoma.
S.Y. Yoo, Pusan National University, KR
1:30Bio-based Materials and BiofuelsMagnolia 2
Session chair: Rebecca Locker, Modern Meadow & World Nieh, U.S. Forest Service
1:30Commercialising MFC Products: Compliance to Ethical Standards and Legislation
D. Skuse, D. Hewson, J. Phipps, J.A. Shatkin, FiberLean Technologies Limited, UK
1:55Integrated Biorefineries (IBRs) – Key Technology Challenges and Opportunities
R. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
2:15Waste-Powered Microgrid for Enhanced Energy Security of Critical Base Infrastructure
D. Robau, National Energy USA, US
2:40So You’ve Set Sustainability Goals – Now What?, pp. 177-183
G. Gebolys, World Energy, US
1:30Special Session: Sustainable Water (nano)Technologies: From Lab Scale to Pilot ScaleCamellia 3
Session chair: Stacey Standridge, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office
1:30Employing the primordial soup as a biocatalyst to harvest precious metals and remove heavy metals from contaminated waters
B. Lusk, Precient Technologies, US
1:50Graphene nanosensors for water quality monitoring
J. Hill, NanoAffix Science, US
2:10Small Cavities for Big Problems in Water Treatment: Transforming Soluble Cyclodextrins into a Powerhouse Filter Media
F. Cassou, CycloPure, US
2:30High-Performance Portable Atmospheric Water Extractor for Extreme Climates
K. Walton, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
2:50Using an MVT versus MVP to Maximize Lab-to-Field Transition Efforts
A. Carpenter, AxNano, US
1:30Advanced Materials for Engineering ApplicationsAzalea 3
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Fujifilm Dimatix
1:30Rapid setting, long pot life epoxy concrete for early high strength applications
T. Farnsworth, Luna Innovations, Inc., US
1:50A breakthrough in High Temperature Superconductors, pp. 75-77
W. Lau, LAU Superconductors Inc., US
2:10Electrospun Nanofiber Scaffolds for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: Effect of Draw Ratio on Enzymatic Degradation Rate
D. Brennan, J. Posselt, C. Wagner, V. Beachley, Rowan University, US
2:30Spectral Characterization of Tin Dioxide for Gas-Sensing Applications, pp. 69-70
H. Alghamdi, B. Concepcion, S. Baliga, P. Misra, Howard University, US
2:50Precipitation-Strengthened and Microlayered Bulk Copper- and Molybdenum-Based Nanocrystalline Materials Produced by High-Speed Electron-Beam Evaporation–Condensation in Vacuum: Structure and Phase Composition, pp. 71-74
N.I. Grechanyuk, V.G. Grechanyuk, A. Manulyk, Synergy ANTECH Services Corp., CA
3:10Novel Titania based composites for Solar Disinfection
A. Safri, A. Fletcher, University of Strathclyde, UK
1:303D Printing DesignMagnolia 3
Session chair: Slade Gardner, Big Metal Additive & Nanci Hardwick, MELD Manufacturing
1:30Full Scale DoD Metal Prototype Vehicles by Hybrid AM
S. Gardner, Big Metal Additive, US
1:55Integrated process-structure-property modeling framework and methods for process design and performance prediction of additively manufactured material systems
W.K. Liu, Z. Gan, S. Saha, C. Yu, O.L. Kafka, K.K. Jones, Y. Lu, Northwestern University, US
2:20Post-Process Superfinishing of Additively Manufactured Components for Next-Gen Space Application, pp. 27-30
N. Michaud, A. Diaz, REM Surface Engineering, US
2:40Development of a Framework for Component Repair Using Additive Manufacturing
M. Walluk, A. Luccitti, B. Hilton, B. Baker, K. DePalma, K. Sisak, P. Martin, Rochester Institute of Technology, US
1:30Engineering Battery Safety, Integration, and SystemsWoodrow Wilson D
Session chair: Erik Spoerke, Sandia National Laboratories
1:30The Significance of Thermal Management for Lithium-ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles: Technology and Market Outlook
R. Collins, IDTechEx, US
1:50A Review on the integration of brake performance and energy efficiency optimization of regenerative braking system
A. Meng, C.A. Garris, The George Washington University, US
2:10Storage Synthesis of Power Systems via Dynamic Meta-control Schema, pp. 215-218
W. Kohn, Z.B. Zabinsky, Crowdpoint Technologies, US
2:30US Navy Integrated Power & Energy System
S.P. Markle, US Navy, US
2:50Battery Chemistry Agnostic Grid-Tied Secondary Use Energy Storage System
M. Chinthavali, M. Starke, S. Campbell, B. Xiao, Oak Ridge National Lab, US
1:30Innovation Spotlights Additive Manufacturing: AFWERX VenturesBaltimore 1
Session chair: Paul Roege, Typhoon HIL, Inc.
1:30AFWERX Ventures
J. Rathje, AFWERX, US
1:45Post-Process Surface Finishing and Optimization of Additively Manufactured Nickel-Based Superalloys
N. Michaud, REM Surface Engineering, US
1:53Cellular Fabrication: A New Framework for Construction-Scale Composite 3D Printing
D. Goodloe, Branch Technology, Inc., US
2:01Growth Based Design Optimization of 3D Printed Quasi-Isotropic Chopped & Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites
K. Fetfatsidis, Desktop Metal, Inc., US
2:093D Printers for Filled Photopolymers
J. Martin, Fortify, US
2:17Additive Manufactured Ceramic Fibers via Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition
S. Harrison, Free Form Fibers, US
2:25Bison High Alumina Resin - Ultra High Temperature Ceramic Material
K. Linder, Tethon 3D, US
Review Panelist
P. Roege, Typhoon HIL, Inc., US
Review Panelist
G. Orazem, Eastern Foundry, US
Review Panelist
J. Rathje, AFWERX, US
1:30Aerospace, Space and Defense Innovation Spotlights IIIBaltimore 5
Session chair: Bill Muras, Alytic, US
1:30An Integrated Wide-Area UAV Aeromagnetic Survey System
O. Petrova, Binghamton University, US
1:38Polyimide Aerogel Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) for Aerospace and Defense
G. Poe, Blueshift Materials, Inc., US
1:46Wireless Power Harvester Chips that convert RF to usable DC power
A. Peacock, Powercast, US
1:54Secure Fully Digital Vehicle Maintenance and inspection Software/Hardware Platform
A. Amacher, Lite-Check Fleet Solutions Inc, US
2:02A large Legged Robot Capable of Operating on Unstructured Terrain with Heavy Payload
B. Riskas, RMD LLC, US
2:10Ultra Reality Display
A. Mehta, BRELYON Inc., US
2:18Offboard Launch and Recovery System for Uncrewed Platforms
S. Yamashita, Martin Defense Group, US
2:26Predictive and Interactive Spatial Modeling Workstation
A. Lessner, FoVI3D, Inc., US
Review Panelist
Review Panelist
V. Ly, NSWC, U.S. Navy, US
Review Panelist
K. McGrath, Northrop Grumman, US
Review Panelist
B. Muras, Alytic, US
Review Panelist
S. Lauver, AFWERX, US
2:00SBIR/STTR Agency Pavilion: Meet with Agency RepsExpo Hall AB
Department of the Navy SBIR/STTR
U.S. Air Force SBIR/STTR
U.S. Small Business Administration
U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)
2:10SBIR/STTR: Working with the PrimesWoodrow Wilson B
Session chair: Matt Williams, OSD, US
S. Myers, Boeing, US
J. Becker, Northrop Grumman, US
A. Carroll, Raytheon, US
C. Owens, Lockheed Martin, US
2:40Innovation Spotlights: Advanced Materials and ManufacturingBaltimore 1
Session chair: Jonathan Jakischa, TechConnect Ventures, US
2:40MARCO - An Environmentally Friendly Ready to Use 1K Surface Treatment
A. Tiwari, Flora Coatings, US
2:48Advanced Optical Manufacturing to Accelerate Product Development and Reduce Costs
J. Goeckeritz, Momentum Optics, US
2:56Automated-Track Electrospinning
D. Brennan, Rowan University, US
3:04NanoWeb® Transparent Antenna
G. Wade, Meta Material, CA
3:12Nanofibrous Platform for Soft Bioelectronics
A. Koh, Binghamton University, US
3:20MELD: a scalable, no-melt method for printing for large metal parts
N. Hardwick, MELD Manufacturing Corporation, US
3:28Key-and-Lock Commodity Self-Healing Copolymers
C. Kasper, Clemson University Research Foundation, US
3:36MetZilla Additive
A. Jeffries, Osazda Energy, US
Review Panelist
L. Pleis, U.S. Central Command, US
Review Panelist
J. Jakischa, TechConnect Ventures, US
Review Panelist
2:40Innovation Spotlights: C5ISR Innovation Spotlights IBaltimore 2
Session chair: Nick Kacsandi, TechConnect Ventures, US
2:40In-Q-Tel Innovation Spotlight
T. O'Donnell, In-Q-Tel, US
2:55Technology/Solution Name: Low-density Parity-check error correction for enabling high-density flash storage with maximum endurance and performance
S. Planjery, Codelucida, Inc., US
3:03Blaise AI-Augmented, Raman/IoT/5G device for chemical and biological point detection (CBRNE) in the field
E. Adolphe, Forward Edge, AI Inc., US
3:11FIREFLY Platform
M. Tolentino, Namatad Inc., US
3:19NetCore Disaster Response Network (DRN)
D. Cullerot, NetNumber, US
3:27Affordable High-Resolution Radiation Detectors
J. Palmer, Actinia, US
3:35Opal HTM: IoT-optimized medical asset management
C. Roberts, Opal HTM, US
Review Panelist
T. O'Donnell, In-Q-Tel, US
Review Panelist
B. Dupin, EPRI, US
Review Panelist
N. Kacsandi, TechConnect Ventures, US
Review Panelist
L. Pleis, U.S. Central Command, US
2:00DOE and DoD Collaborations for Energy Resilience on Military InstallationsBaltimore 3
A. Nanco, Sandia National Laboratories, US
S. Tucker, U.S. Department of Defense, US
B. Jeffers, Sandia National Laboratories, US
B. Hanson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
J. Monken, Converge Strategies, US
3:30The Innovation Habits of High-Growth CompaniesCamellia 1
R. Lowe, Wellspring, US
3:45Innovation Spotlights: C5ISR Innovation Spotlights IIBaltimore 2
Session chair: Jonathan Jakischa, TechConnect Ventures, US
3:45Tricentis Innovation Spotlight
AJ. Ford, Tricentis, US
4:00True Presence Occupancy Detection Sensors (TruePODS)
N. Petrovic, Adnoviv, Inc., US
4:08Mountable, zero-power, ppm-to-ppt level toxic gas and vapor sensor
M. Prévôt, Kent State University, US
4:16Aggregate Spread Pulse Modulation in LPWANs for IoT applications
P. Pizzi, NonLinear Corporation, US
4:24RF-Silent DC Voltage Regulators with High Efficiency
M. Lumb, Polaris Semiconductor LLC, US
4:32Using AI to Improve Safety at Grade Crossings
C. McGlynn, Rowan University, US
4:40Miniaturized Electronic Safe & Arm Device (MESAD)
J. Spilotro, Breault Research Organization, US
4:48VisionCraft AI driven computer vision and data analytics
R. Pinkas, VisionCraft s.r.o., CZ
4:56Early Detection of Soft Shorts In Batteries
A. Rankin, Idaho National Laboratory, Technology Deployment, US
Review Panelist
T. O'Donnell, In-Q-Tel, US
Review Panelist
J. Jakischa, TechConnect Ventures, US
Review Panelist
B. Dupin, EPRI, US
Review Panelist
R. Owens, U.S. Central Command, US
3:30Nexus of National Security & Energy SecurityBaltimore 3
Session chair: Greg Douquet, Red Duke Strategies, US
N. Johnson, Arizona State University, US
A. Trimble, The Atlantic Council, US
T. Tetreault, U.S. Department of Defense, US
S. Goodman, Wilson Center, US
2:45MOSAICS Open Discussion and Closing RemarksWoodrow Wilson C
Session chair: Ross Roley, USINDOPACOM, US
4:00TechConnect, Defense & Smart Cities Innovation Expo & Networking Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Poster Session IIExpo Hall AB
4:00Materials Characterization - PostersExpo Hall AB
Enhanced Corrosion Detection By Means of Multispectral Imaging and Postprocessing Techniques, pp. 35-38
W.V. Giegerich, D.C. Fedorishin, L. Forte III, L. Christie, P.J. Schneider, K.W. Oh, University at Buffalo, US
Vascular Test Phantom Metrology For Use In Photoacoustic Applications, pp. 31-34
L.B. Christie, W.V. Giegerich, P. Schneider, K.W. Oh, University at Buffalo, US
Characterization of Perovskite Solar Cells using Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
M. Fernanda Villa-Bracamonte, J.R. Montes-Bojorquez, A. Ayon, University of Texas at San Antonio, US
4:00Carbon Nano Structures - PostersExpo Hall AB
Analysis of High Average Breakdown Fields between Gate and Drain in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs with High-k Passivation Layer, pp. 39-42
R. Tomita, S. Ueda, Y. Kawada, K. Horio, Shibaura Institute of Technology, JP
Analysis of Lag Phenomena and Current Collapse in Field-Plate AlGaN/GaN HEMTs with High-k Passivation Layer, pp. 43-46
K. Komoto, Y. Saito, K. Horio, Shibaura Institute of Technology, JP
Agro-industrial African oil palm residue reuse for the development of an optical biosensor based on Carbon dots for BSA detection.
J.P. Arango, K. Barrientos, M.I. Gaviria, P.l Araque, J. Placido, S. Bustamante, M.E. Londoño, M. Jaramillo, EIA University, CO
4:00Advanced Materials for Engineering Applications - PostersExpo Hall AB
Conductive coatings eliminate static discharge risk on aircraft, pp. 81-84
G. Christensen, H. Hong, C. Bailey, Novum Nano, US
Hydrogen bonding enhanced thermally conductive carbon nano grease for enhanced CPU performance, pp. 78-80
C. Bailey, G. Christensen, H. Hong, Novum Nano, US
Sub-10 nm Anisotropic Copper Oxide Nanowires for Electrochemical Sensing
G. Pathiraja, D. Herr, H. Rathnayake, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, US
Modification of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Ballistic Fibers for Enhanced Performance
H. Mahfuz, V. Prado Correia, T. Irons, L. Carlsson, O. Masory, and T. Langston, Florida Atlantic University, US
4:00Advanced Manufacturing - PostersExpo Hall AB
Bringing Novel Technology to Market Faster - Lessons Learned from Innovation to Implementation
T. Watkins, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, US
Physical Cybersecurity: Use The Cloud, Don’t Let It Use You
C. Dunn, Fend, Inc., US
Process Fundamentals, Microstructure Control, and Niche Applications of MELD (a.k.a. Additive Friction Stir Deposition)
M.E.J. Perry, D. Garcia, R.J. Griffiths, J.K. Yoder, W.D. Hartley, H.Z. Yu, Virginia Tech, US
4:00Biomaterials & Medical Devices - PostersExpo Hall AB
Bioinpired virus nanofiber for soft tissue engineering
S.Y. Yoo, Pusan National University, KR
Gelation behavior study of thermogelling poly(ε-caprolactone-co-1, 4, 8-trioxa[4, 6]spiro-9-undecanone)-poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(ε-caprolactone-co-1, 4, 8-trioxa[4, 6]spiro-9-undecanone), pp. 153-156
S. Zhong, J.J. Wang, C.X. Wu, A.L. Zhang, T.T. Zhuang, Y.F. Shi, B.H. Luo, S.Q. Tang, X.Y. Wang, ABB EL Corporation Research Center, US
Technology for Sterile Water Generator
G. Srinivas, A. Robinson, B. Yamona, N. Weinstein, TDA Research, Inc., US
Impruvon Health - A Medication Management Platform tailored to Independence
J. Amoyal, IMPRUVON Inc., US
Real Time 3D Digital Model Viewer for Mobile Devices
T. Reks, C. St. George, R. Sepulveda, R.A. Rogers, Rogers Imaging Corp, US
Rosette Arrays(TM) for Quantitative High-Throughput Screening of Human Developmental Neurotoxicity & Neural Tube Defect Risk
G.T. Knight, B.F. Lundin, N. Fedorchak, N.R. Iyer, R. Willet, and R.S. Ashton, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, US
Microfluidics based production liposomal formulation to treat skin infection caused by staphylococcus aureus
S. Joshi, A. Daryanani, R. Sahu, V.A. Dennis, S.R. Singh, Alabama State University, US
4:00Drug & Gene Delivery - PostersExpo Hall AB
Layer-by-Layer Nano-delivery Platform for Malaria Vaccine
Y. Xu,, B. Brooks, Z. Zhou, M. Tsuji, X. Kong, C. Tison, Luna Innovations Inc, US
Recent Advances in Cancer Stem Cell-Targeted Immunotherapy.
S.Y. Yoo, Pusan National University, KR
Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Nanocomposites for Pulmonary Metastatic Colorectal Cancer.
S.Y. Yoo, Pusan National University, KR
4:00AI Innovations - PostersExpo Hall AB
Using Robotics to Assemble Graphene Supercapacitor, pp. 122-125
C. Wu, J. Kim, D. Magluyan, D. Kawamoto-Kindred, Y.H. Zhou, N. Cao, H. Zhao, Z. Kuang, T. Kidd, S. Wu, S. Dobbs, Z. Yu, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, US
An eHR Using AI Technology as a Clinical Decision Support Tool
J. Penn, Guidance Foundation Inc,, US
Benefits of a Decentralized AI, pp. 130-133
M. Bergstrom, Internet of Everything Corporation, US
Automatic deep-learning classification models for breast lesions
S. Hasan, A. Hasan, Princeton Day School, US
Zero Bandwidth, Zero Storage, Full Evidentiary Data
M. Script, In2Capital.com, US
Benefits of a Decentralized AI
M. Bergstrom, Internet of Everything Corp, US
Simulation in Minutes, not Hours
A. Grosvenor, MSBAI, US
4:00Quantum - PostersExpo Hall AB
Some problematic points in identification of bismuth impurity centers in silicon irradiated with 15 MeV protons
N. Arutyunov, MLU Halle, Germany / Inst. of Electronics, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, UZ
Quantum Chemical Methods to Elucidate the Mechanism of a Diastereoselective Insertion-Addition Reaction of a Chiral Titanium (IV)-Schiff Base-Benzyl Complex with Hydroxyketones, pp. 101-104
B. Ramos, E.V. Castriciones, University of the Philippines, PH
HardSec: A New Cybersecurity Option
R. Indeck, Q-Net Security, US
Experimental Observations of Majorana Particles Produced in Arrays of Fractional Josephson Junctions in An Organo-metallic Superconductive Device, pp. 126-129
E.T. Chen, J.T. Thornton, S-H. Duh, Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc., US
4:00Defense TechConnect - PostersExpo Hall AB
GURU: Mission-Critical in Minutes Not Hours
B. Aylaian, MSBAI, US
sUAS Resupply
D. Campbell, DropDrone, US
Iridescent Materials Utilizing Structural Color from Reflective Microstructures
C. Meredith, L. Zarzar, Penn State University, US
Scalable Interoperability: New Horizons in MBSE Through Adaptive Infrastructure Tooling
S. Hand and C. Allport, Skayl, LLC, US
Leveraging HPC to Simulate Off-Road Mobility and Multi-Agent Autonomy
S. Benatti, D. Negrut, University of Wisconsin Madison, US
NanoScaffold–Enhanced Composites for Next Generation Light Aircrafts
H. Dalir, Multiscale Integrated Technology Solutions LLC, US
Cybersecure 5G Enabled Electric Vehicle Charging Station
M.H. Ali and M. Basnet, University of Memphis, US
Operating Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System as Supercapacitor Energy Storage
N. Farrar and M.H. Ali, University of Memphis, US
Large multilegged robot capable of carrying heavy payloads
B. Riskas, RMD LLC, US
High Precision Piezoelectric Resonators for Harsh Environment Sensor and Oscillator Applications
K. Bhattacharjee, Kampanics, L.L.C., US
Analytics for Environmental Management Using the Vegetative Analysis Software Toolkit (VAST), a Codeless Artificial Intelligence (AI) Search Engine for the Physical World
S. Vaiyapuri, Robotic Services, Inc., US
Secure Smart Bases and Installations of the Future - Zero Trust in a Box
M. Meins, G. Gulyas, Onclave Networks, Inc., US
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