Impruvon Health - A Medication Management Platform tailored to Independence

J. Amoyal
United States

Keywords: compliance, medication management, medication adherence, independence, long term care, disabilities


IMPRUVON Health is on a mission to stop medication errors and help people live healthier lives through smart, assistive technology - it is that simple. We store medications, protect them and notify you if someone tries to steal them, misses a dose, or attempts to take too many. The IMPRUVON Health Med Manager and Mobile App makes medication compliance achievable. By providing reminders, dispensing the right meds in the right amounts to the right people, and providing personalized recommendations and education on how to improve your health! We are not just a medication storage device or an app - we Simplify, Protect, Automate, and Educate. Stop relying on Memory; Stop Taking the Wrong Meds or Wrong Amounts; Store Your Meds Securely; Real Time Awareness on Your and/or a Loved One's Compliance.