Slade H Gardner


Big Metal Additive, Inc.

My past 15+ years working in the aerospace industry can be summarized by business relevant implementation of Advanced Manufacturing and Materials for the purposes of improved affordability, performance or mission capability. My objectives are to aggressively implement technologies for meaningful positive results. Sometimes those technologies must be invented and the many patents to my name reflect those instances. Other times technologies exist but must be shaped, matured and coordinated for acceptance by the rigorous demands of aerospace program customers. My style involves non-linear creativity to achieve a best-fit result, mitigating risks and obstacles on a rapid path to success. While the teams I have led achieved success, the greatest were from those teams I built with selected recruits to support my technology and business strategy for product implementation.

My experience with Advanced Manufacturing and Materials include four major topic areas: (i) additive manufacturing of polymers/composites, (ii) thermoplastic composites including molded nanocomposites, novel combinations of polymer/reinforcement and complex assemblies, (iii) direct manufacturing of metal structures including novel alloy formulations, and (iv) carbon nanotube structures and material production. My successes have achieved manufacturing/production implementation, flight article status, spin off corollary business efforts, self sustaining strategic technology threads, and a large sum dollar value of recorded business affordability.