Katharina Maisel

Assistant Professor, Fischell Department of Bioengineering

University of Maryland

B.S.E Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan 2010
Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University 2014
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago 

Dr. Maisel joined the University of Maryland in January 2019 having done interdisciplinary training in nanotechnology, mucosal immunology, lymphatic immunology, and immunoengineering. Her graduate work focused on designing nanomedicines and their delivery vehicles for treating diseases at mucosal surfaces, particularly the gastrointestinal and cervicovaginal tracts. In her postdoc, she studied the immunological roles of lymphatics in allergic airway inflammation and the immune involvement in the rare lung disease lymphangioleiomyomatosis. At UMD, her lab uses in vitro modeling, nanotechnology, and immunoengineering approaches to study and develop treatments for diseases at mucosal surfaces. The lab’s focus is on studying the stromal compartment's, particularly the lymphatics', roles in disease pathology at mucosal surfaces. Additionally, they explore how the stromal compartment can be modulated and targeted using nanotechnologies for novel therapeutic strategies. Dr. Maisel has won the prestigious NSF GRFP and NIH F32 fellowships, and was recently awarded the Dalsemer Award from the American Lung Association. Her work has led to numerous high-impact publications, particularly in the field of drug delivery, and several patents.