So You’ve Set Sustainability Goals – Now What?

G. Gebolys
World Energy,
United States

Keywords: renewable energy, sustainability, low-carbon, climate change


Slowing climate change has emerged as the world’s greatest challenge, and a serious business problem. Reducing the carbon footprint of the fuels the world relies on is no longer a choice, it’s an obligation. Many businesses don’t know where to start when it comes to balancing their businesses’ needs with the impact it has on the environment. However, immediate solutions exist today to help you get a jump start on your move toward sustainable operations. This session will provide a manageable strategy for incorporating your low-carbon goals into your operations without sacrificing your ability to reliably deliver to your customers. Attendees will learn: -The renewable energy options currently available today and how these alternative fuels can be incorporated into today’s infrastructure -What action you need to take today to meaningfully advance toward your net zero or sustainability goals -How to estimate the monetary and community benefits of reduced emissions of CO2. -The future of the renewable fuels industry and other green solutions you can adopt today to start down the path of a more sustainable future.