Small Cavities for Big Problems in Water Treatment: Transforming Soluble Cyclodextrins into a Powerhouse Filter Media

F. Cassou
United States

Keywords: water, water treatment


Contamination of drinking water by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is a major environmental issue impacting the U.S. Utilizing renewable cyclodextrins, Cyclopure has engineered a novel adsorbent, DEXSORB®, for the removal of PFAS in water supplies. Media properties feature rapid kinetics and high capacity that derive from host-guest interaction in 0.78 nm hydrophobic cavities. This talk will cover the DEXSORB development story. Topics will include major hurdles encountered in scale-up to optimize production yields and PFAS uptake. Process adjustments to reduce waste and promote materials recycling will be discussed, as well as purification challenges and the post-synthesis process of granulation.