sUAS Resupply

D. Campbell
United States

Keywords: drone delivery


DropDrone is developing a Positioning, Navigation and Timing technology that guides a drone to a desired ground location: - An infrared beacon broadcasts the desired ground location. - The drone is programmed with a NoIR camera & lidar sensor to detect & measure distance to infrared beacon. sUAS Cargo Hook: - Extreme payload weight/device ratio - 100lbs payload capacity - 74.8 grams - Low operating power consumption - Safe no-power lock - Scaleable for any VTOL Long Range Autonomy: DGPS provides unmanned vehicles with GPS positioning upon transition from a GPS environment to a GPS denied environment (200 meter range). The baud rate is fixed at 115200bps, TTL (non-inverted), 3.6 volts. Medium Range Autonomy: Infrared Beacon broadcasts a desired ground location to sUAS with a camera programmed to detect IR (15 meter range). Short Range Autonomy: Python based perception algorithm that detects: the centroid of obstructed space, the centroid of the unobstructed space & the center of the camera. Algorithm finds the direction vector > centroid of the unobstructed areas. Upon detection sUAS will proceed to follow the centroid of the maximum unobstructed space (10 meter range).