The Second Quantum Revolution: Fundamentals, Present Status, and Prospects

Z. Zhang
University of Arizona,
United States

Keywords: quantum computing


The 20th century has witnessed the rise of quantum mechanics and its spurred scientific and technological revolution. The mankind is now on the verge of the second quantum evolution sparked by quantum information science (QIS). In this talk, I will provide an overview on the fundamentals of QIS, the latest developments of its three pillars of quantum computing, quantum sensing, and quantum communication, and the prospects of a future quantum internet that interconnects various quantum devices. Specifically, I will discuss near-term quantum machine learning platforms for data classification, entangled sensor networks for precise positioning and navigation without GPS, and entanglement-assisted communication systems surpassing the ultimate classical communication capacity. Before closing, I will introduce University of Arizona’s Interdisciplinary Quantum Information Research and Engineering (INQUIRE) testbed infrastructure and quantum information science and engineering graduate and certificate programs.