Emerging Quantum Sensor Applications of Coherent Spins in Semiconductors

B. Zhou
Boston College,
United States

Keywords: sensor, semiconductor, quantum sensor applications


Quantum sensing leverages the weakness of quantum systems – that they are easily perturbed by their environment – into an asset. Advantages of quantum sensors include atomic-scale miniaturization, multimodal operation, quantitative readout independent of manufacturing details, and sensitivities enhanced by entanglement and squeezing. Solid-state systems, such as defect spins in semiconductors, are particularly attractive for device engineering, but practical challenges are posed by quantum decoherence and efficient signal collection. In this talk, I will introduce spin-defect-based quantum sensing and survey emerging applications in materials science, chemistry, and medicine. These systems hold promise toward quantum-enhanced instruments for materials characterization at the atomically-thin limit, picoliter-scale nuclear magnetic resonance, magnetocardiography and neuroimaging.