Storage Synthesis of Power Systems via Dynamic Meta-control Schema

W. Kohn, Z.B. Zabinsky
Crowdpoint Technologies,
United States

Keywords: battery, supercapacitor, impedance actuator, edge control, intelligent agent, Meta-control


Electric vehicles are usually driven by induction or DC motors. They are provided with dynamic braking and acceleration: during braking, the motor becomes a generator driven by the wheels; and during acceleration, the motor requires substantial spikes of power. There is an opportunity to store and use power for dynamic control. This paper describes a meta-control system for managing a battery super-capacitor system to efficiently operate the recovery and production of power during dynamic braking and acceleration periods. The control schema is distributed and mediated by impedance actuators implemented with Field Effect Transistor (FET) systems. The generated control regulates the current flow among the different elements of our system by a dynamic synchronization approach.