NSF Advanced Manufacturing Program and Research Opportunities

K. Cooper
National Science Foundation,
United States

Keywords: NSF, advanced manufacturing, research opportunities


NSF’s mission is to promote the progress of science to advance national health, prosperity and welfare. To fulfil this mission, the Engineering (ENG) Directorate invests in engineering research and education to foster innovations for the benefit of society. Within ENG, the CMMI Division’s goal is to enable the frontiers of civil, mechanical and manufacturing innovation research at scales ranging from nano to infrastructure. CMMI’s Advanced Manufacturing (AM) program supports transformative advances in materials processing and manufacturing and fosters multidisciplinary basic research that applies innovative manufacturing approaches to accelerate new product development, customize products, increase production efficiency and reduce production cost. The AM program engages industry participation through the GOALI program and through collaborations involving the Manufacturing USA institutes. It also encourages collaborative research through the international NSF-DFG collaboration in advanced manufacturing. The AM program supports several related programs such as Future Manufacturing (FM), which seeks research to enable manufacturing that does not exist today, and other programs that utilize computation or that address sustainability. The AM program also plays a role in many of NSF’s 10 Big Ideas. This talk describes these programs with some examples of research.