h3 AI/Machine learning for Characterization

JUNE 19-21, 2023

AI TechConnect

AI/Machine learning for Characterization

Nanoscale Materials Characterization


Dalia YablonDalia Yablon
Technical Program Chair
TechConnect World Innovation Conference

2022 Key Speakers

Alex BelianinovAlex Belianinov
Staff Scientist
Sandia National Laboratories

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2023 Symposium Sessions

Tuesday June 20

4:00Materials Characterization - Posters

Wednesday June 21

9:00Materials Characterization

2023 Symposium Program

Tuesday June 20

4:00Materials Characterization - PostersExpo Hall AB
A Powerful New Tool for Rapid Chemical Characterization of Advanced Manufacturing Materials
E. Williams, J. Putman, P. Willis, Exum Instruments, US
Versatile thin film adhesion and scratch testing machine for different material surfaces under various environmental condition
W. Demisse, P. Tyagi, University of the District of Columbia, US
A Decade Team Work in Pursuing Discoveries in Nanostructure Membrane Characterizations and Observations of Friedel-oscillation by AFM for Quantum Sensing and Energy Storage Applications
J. Thornton, E.T. Chen, Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc., US
Democratizing the Assessment of Thermal Robustness of Metal-Organic Frameworks
S. Bonakala, A. Abutaha, E. Palani, A. Samara, S. Mansour, F. El-Mellouhi, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, QA
Chemical identification & characterization of sub-20nm residues and defects with Nano IR PiFM
P. O'Hara, Molecular Vista, Inc., US
High Resolution Measurement of Potential-Dependent Electrochemical Activities on HOPG Using Scanning Electrochemical Cell Microscopy (SECCM)
M-H. Choi, S-J. Cho, L.A. Baker, S. Kaemmer, Park Systems inc., US
Princeton Collaborative Research Facility: diagnostics and modeling for plasma material synthesis and processing applications
Y. Raitses, I. Kaganovich, M. Shneider, A. Dogariu, S. Yatom, S. Gershman, I. Romadanov, N. Chopra, W. Villafana, Y. Ussenov, S. Abe, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, US
Wyonics: Advancing Sustainable Innovations in Wyoming
D. Rone, J. O'Hayre, R.D. Rogers, G. Gurau, C.M. Hill, K.R. Di Bona, Wyonics, US
Broadband Plasmonic SEIRA Structures for Signal Enhancement in nanoIR Spectroscopy
G. Rutins, L. Tetard, University of Central Florida, US

Wednesday June 21

9:00Materials CharacterizationChesapeake A
Session chair: Alex Norman, Princeton University, US
9:00Quantifying Adsorbed Dispersant Layers on Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes in Simple and Complex Environments
C.M. Sims, J.A. Fagan, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
9:20Infrared CT Scan for Evaluating the Stress Response of Flexible Displays
J. Isbell, Materic, US
9:40A versatile direct optical characterization method for morphology changes and swelling kinetics of smart hydrogels
G. Mu, J. Koerner, Leibniz University Hannover, DE
10:00MultiModal Domain Intelligent Decision Support
G. Olson, GT Digital Ltd., US
10:30RippleGo - First AI-Based Voyage Planner for the Inland Waterways
A.R. Salindong, Trabus Technologies, US
10:50Using Physics-Informed Machine Learning to Collect Road Conditions with Connected Vehicles
N. Kargah-Ostadi, Callentis Consulting Group, US
11:10Detecting Engine Oil Defects From Images of Vehicle Components
A.K. Devarashetti, L. Forte III, W. Giegerich, Ph.J. Schneider, ACV Auctions, US
11:30AI for cell culture monitoring in the closed loop
R. Krampl, A. Trcka, BioX Technologies, SK

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