Alex Belianinov

Staff Scientist

Sandia National Laboratories

Alex Belianinov, received his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Iowa State University in 2012. He moved to ORNL in 2012 as a postdoctoral researcher and was subsequently onboarded in 2015 a Strategic Hire. He has received the Microscopy Today Innovation award, as well as an R&D 100 award for his work in combining machine learning with microscopy techniques. At ORNL and SNL he has managed a total of $11M in funding as a PI and Co-PI. He has served as DOE BES detailee in 2020-2021 for NSRC SBIR Phase I and II projects. In 2020, he completed an MBA from University of Tennessee. His research interest include using machine learning for ion beam nanofabrication, implantation, imaging, and analysis.