A Decade Team Work in Pursuing Discoveries in Nanostructure Membrane Characterizations and Observations of Friedel-oscillation by AFM for Quantum Sensing and Energy Storage Applications

J. Thornton, E.T. Chen
Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: AFM technology, Mentor-Protégé, quantum sensing, energy Storage


Early establish a professional mentor protégé relationship between SPM industry and entrepreneur or academic professionals are crucially important for speed up discoveries and inventions through characterizing nanostructure membranes made by various materials. Recent 5-10 years, trendies go to searching new materials for superconductors or quantum computer chips, for quantum sensing biomarker and energy storage and computing put a demand on speed development methods, technology and networking. We report a summery due to our Bruker-ABS Mentor-protégé experience for the past decade in the AFM technology developments and Mentor-protégé encouragement and discipline in the learning of surface characterization and the discovery for the purpose to encourage young scientists and entrepreneurs overcome fear and difficulties in SPM applications 1) we summarize the TappingMode AFM and close loop scanner with ScanAsyst air probe; 2) data collection using Dimension ICON or MultiMode 8. 3), How to enhance the communication between the Mentor and the Protégé; 4). From the protégé view of point, emphasize is given on how to ask questions, and discovering the new materials and new potential membrane through analysis the AFM to find. 5). We will give some examples regarding how to gain the inside knowledge and promote invention. Our accomplishments are more than a dozen patents issued since 2010, and we had two patents in room temperature superconductors Josephson toroidal array devices for quantum sensing and energy storage were issued.