JUNE 19-21, 2023

Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

3D Printing

Symposium Co-Chairs

John BarnesJohn Barnes
CEO and Founder
The Barnes Global Advisors

Slade GardnerSlade Gardner
Big Metal Additive


Key Speakers

Erik DenlingerErik Denlinger
Co-Founder & Chief Engineer
PanOptimization LLC

Eric VersluysEric Versluys
Director of Defense Programs

Ken HsuKen Hsu
Associate Professor
Arizona State University

Mahendran ReddyMahendran Reddy
Vice President
Fehrmann Tech, Germany

Bill BihlmanThe SAE AMS - Additive Manufacturing Data Consortium
Bill Bihlman
Founder, Aerolytics LLC

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2023 Symposium Sessions

9:00Additive Manufacturing: Materials Innovation
1:30Additive Manufacturing: Digital
4:00Additive Manufacturing - Posters

Tuesday June 20

10:30Additive Manufacturing: Machines
1:30Advanced Manufacturing Innovation

2023 Symposium Program

Monday June 19

9:00Additive Manufacturing: Materials InnovationChesapeake 2
Session chair: John Barnes, The Barnes Global Advisors, US
9:00Product Acceptance is the Real Innovation and It Requires More than Just Machines and Feedstock
S. Gardner, A. Barnes, Big Metal Additive, US
9:25Distortion and stress simulation of complex AM parts using a feature-aware periodic adaptive FEA meshing approach
P. Michaleris, E. Denlinger, G. Adams, E. Pierson, PanOptimization, US
9:50An Extreme Field-of-View Broadband Antenna Enabled by Advances in 3D Printed GRIN Devices
E. Versluys, A. Long, Fortify, US
10:25Data-driven modeling for microstructure-property relationships of stainless steels
B. Zhang, M. Porro, A. Parmar, Y. Shin, Purdue University, US
10:45Neural Net Modeling of Voxel Scale DLP Additive Manufacturing
J. Killgore, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
11:053D Printing of Carbide and Nitride Ceramics for Powered Electronics Packaging
A. Steinmark, I. Ivanov, A. Peters, Materic, US
11:25Unlocking Antenna Performance with Economically Viable GRIN Devices
E. Versluys, Fortify, US
1:30Additive Manufacturing: DigitalChesapeake 2
Session chair: Slade Gardner, Big Metal Additive, US
1:30Innovating with AlMgty – the high performance Aluminium Alloy for Industrial Applications
M. Reddy, Fehrmann Tech Group, DE
1:55Enabling Additive Manufacturing of Reflective Metals
J.E. Barnes, M. Vlasea, Metal Powder Works, US
2:15A novel hybrid approach to laser additive manufacturing of aluminum alloys with concurrent cryogenic quenching for improved microstructure and hardness
C. Grohol, Y.C. Shin, Purdue University, US
2:35The SAE AMS - Additive Manufacturing Data Consortium
B. Bihlman, SAE Industry Technologies Consortia, US
3:10Post-Process Superfinishing of Additively Manufactured Aluminum Components with Complex Geometries
3:30Postprocess Effects to Fatigue Behavior of Additively Manufactured Maraging Steel
M. Rutkevičius, E.A. Périgo, ABB Inc., US
3:50Software tool for in-space printing of reliable parts
R. Bhowmik, S. Jha, Polaron Analytics, US
4:10Development of Build and Post-Build Guidelines for Additively Manufactured IN-718 Components
R. Shealy, REM Surface Engineering, US
4:00Additive Manufacturing - PostersExpo Hall AB
Rapid Prototype Tooling For Rapid Composite Manufacturing
H. Watts, Mississippi State University, US
Overview of Additive Manufacturing and 3-D Printing Utilizing Numerous Analytical Techniques
C. Stephan, T. Dillon, PerkinElmer Inc, CA
Layer time optimization in large-scale additive manufacturing via a reduced physics-based model
E. Jo, L. Liu, N. Garg, U. Vaidya, S. Chakraborty, F. Ju, S. Kim, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
Microreactor-Assisted Nanomaterial Deposition for Additive Manufacturing
A. Chang, Oregon State University, US

Tuesday June 20

10:30Additive Manufacturing: MachinesChesapeake 2
Session chair: John Barnes, The Barnes Global Advisors, US & Slade Gardner, Big Metal Additive, US
10:30Massively-Accessible Approach to Metal 3D Printing
K. Hsu, Arizona State University, US
10:55Additive Manufacturing of Bone Graft Ceramics
A. Steinmark, Materic, US
11:15The development of Rheo-Printing technology on interlayer adhesion strength for Big Area Additive Manufacturing
F.J. Alzahrani, H. Noor, J.P. Coulter, Lehigh University, US
1:30Advanced Manufacturing InnovationChesapeake 2
Session chair: Chris Menzel, Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc., US
1:30A LifeCycle Use case comparison of 3D/Additive vs Traditional Manufactured part
S. Monroe, AMGTA, US
1:55Digital Material Deposition using Inkjet - Inkjet for Industrial 3D Applications
R. Baker, Integrity Integration, US
2:20Unlocking the Potential of High-Performance, Multi-Material Printing with NovoJet
R. Borrell, Quantica Gmbh, US
2:45Metal Additive Manufacturing for Production
A.C. Barbati, Desktop Metal
3:20Stable uniform nanoparticle dispersion in composite materials for antibacterial food packaging
S. Lee, C&G Hitech Co., Ltd., KR
3:40Cyber-Physical Trust Anchors for a Secure Supply Chain
M. Maasberg, I. Taylor, L.G. Butler, United States Naval Academy, US
4:00A sure shot: Fine-tuning focused ion beam placement with critical-dimension localization microscopy
A.C. Madison, C.R. Copeland, R.G. Dixson, B.R. Ilic, J.A. Liddle, S.M. Stavis, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
4:20How A Modular Delivery Model Drives Developing Technology Project Viability
M. Villegas, Koch Modular Process Systems, US

We encourage submissions to this symposium from forward-thinking leaders in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing field interested in sharing their innovations with the attending technical and corporate communities.

Topics & Application Areas
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Advanced design and digital tools
  • Equipment and materials innovations
  • Synthetic Structures for challenging environments
  • Ferrous Structures for challenging environments
  • Non-ferrous structures for challenging environments.
  • Other

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