How A Modular Delivery Model Drives Developing Technology Project Viability

M. Villegas
Koch Modular Process Systems,
United States

Keywords: developing technology project delivery


Developing a project execution strategy to commercialize developing technology projects requires a degree of sensitivity to its unique challenges. Project drivers that maximize the probability of advancing through process development phases and financial decision gates are vital in early development. Unlike traditional projects, developing technology projects walk a delicate line between being economically viable or never making it past the conceptual stage. Having the right project execution strategy, which delivers cost & schedule certainty beginning early at the conceptual stage and maintains project certainty through process development and validation, engineering, construction, and facilities start-up, is fundamental to the success of developing technology projects. When developing the initial project execution strategy, it is important to select the best-suited delivery model to meet project goals and drivers. When it comes to executing developing technology projects, a truckable module project delivery model is well-suited to provide Owners and Developing Technology providers the project certainty needed to ensure the greatest probability of meeting project financing hurdles, providing cost and schedule advantages, and project certainty throughout the project lifecycle as compared to a traditional field construction project execution strategy. Furthermore, a modular delivery model provides Owners the flexibility to develop a modular pilot or demonstration-scale unit which can easily be commercially scaled and duplicated across multiple geographies. Our paper will discuss these project delivery challenges inherent to developing technology projects, how and when a truckable module delivery model is best suited as an execution model and its benefits compared to traditional field construction, and provide current relevant project examples and lessons learned.