JUNE 17-19, 2024

Chemical, Physical & Bio-Sensors

Chemical, Physical, and Bio Sensors

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Symposium Co-Chairs

Martin PoitzschMartin Poitzsch
Leader Reservoir Engineering Technologies Team
Aramco Americas

Sehoon ChangSehoon Chang
Research Specialist
Aramco Americas

Key Speakers

John LovellCombining IOT with Real-Time Spectroscopy to Digitize Chemical Optimization
John Lovell
VP Technology and Strategy, Micron Silicon Inc

Katherine MiricaMetal-Organic Frameworks on Textiles for Chemical Sensing, Filtration, and Detoxification
Katherine Mirica
Associate Professor, Dartmouth College

Srikanth SingamaneniHarnessing Plasmon-enhanced Fluorescence for Ultrasensitive and Minimally-invasive Bio-diagnostics
Srikanth Singamaneni
Professor, Washington University in St. Louis

Ariel FurstBio-Inspired Technologies for Monitoring Human and Environmental Health
Ariel Furst
Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sensors are everywhere in the environment and equipment around us and even within our own bodies; and they are expected to become even more omnipresent! They are the enablers that trigger alarms and processes to keep our world running smoothly, and they conserve resources and assets by managing them more efficiently. In the medical arena sensors are increasingly essential tools in the detection and monitoring of a wide range of conditions. In this symposium we place a special focus on sensors that are enabled by novel measurement physics or chemistry and in particular, by emergent areas of nanotechnology. Specific topics that we would like to consider in this symposium include the following: 

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2024 Symposium Sessions

Tuesday June 18

9:15Physical & Chemical Sensors
1:30Sensors: Bio-Medical Applications

2024 Symposium Program

Tuesday June 18

9:15Physical & Chemical SensorsTBA
Session chair: Martin Poitzsch, Aramco Americas, US
Combining IOT with Real-Time Spectroscopy to Digitize Chemical Optimization
J. Lovell, O. Kulbrandstad, A. Haun, J.H. Alzate, MIcroSilicon, US
Microwave Interrogation of Woven Straps under Light Loading for Inflatable Applications
W. Wilson, T.C. Jones, E. Tucker, G. Szatkowski, NASA Langley Research Center, US
New-generation spacecraft water monitoring with flight-ready solid-state nanopores
Z. Xia, Goeppert LLC, US
Mass sensitivity of co-resonantly coupled dynamic mode cantilever sensors
I. Lampouras, J. Körner, Leibniz University Hannover, DE
Metal-Organic Frameworks on Textiles for Chemical Sensing, Filtration, and Detoxification
K.A. Mirica, Dartmouth College, US
Development of Quantum Well Thermocouples in Thermoelectric Energy Harvesters
S.M. Yang, National Cheng Kung University, TW
Creating Smart Venues: Enter with phone in pocket
S. Jagannath, ZED Digital, US
1:30Sensors: Bio-Medical ApplicationsTBA
Session chair: Sehoon Chang, Aramco Americas, US
Harnessing Plasmon-enhanced Fluorescence for Ultrasensitive and Minimally-invasive Bio-diagnostics
S. Singamaneni, Washington University in St. Louis, US
New classes of sensing principles and device architectures in the field of wearable and implantable biochemical sensors
A.J. Bandodkar, North Carolina State University, US
Exploring the Impact of Feature Density on the Performance of Nanopillar Plasmonic Biosensors
R.L. Cromartie, Y. Zhao, K.D. Benkstein, K.L. Steffens, S. Semancik, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
On-Chip Biosensor For Monitoring Drug Usage Through City Wastewater
B. Zhang, X. Hou, C. Zhen, A.X. Wang, Oregon State University, US
Bio-Inspired Technologies for Monitoring Human and Environmental Health
A.L. Furst, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
Preparing for the next pandemic: Using a novel SPOC SPR assay for diagnosis and biosurveillance for a large panel of respiratory pathogens in a single assay
B. Takulapalli, C. Agu, R. Cook, W. Martelly, L. Gusghari, SPOC Proteomics, US
Topics & Application Areas
  • Novel Chemical & Physical Sensors
  • Photonics Sensors
  • Defense Applications
  • Environmental Sensing for Healthy Surroundings & Early Remediation
  • Sensors for Predictive Maintenance of Equipment
  • Sensors for Increased Transportation Fuel Efficiency
  • Novel Sensing & Related Instrumentation
  • Distributed Sensing Methods & Strategies
  • Sensors at Harsh Environment Conditions
  • Biosensors & Medical Applications
  • Contact tracing with enhanced privacy
  • Other

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