JUNE 19-21, 2023


Medical & WMD
Countermeasures Summit

The CWMD Consortium and MCDC are pleased to host the 2023 Medical & WMD Countermeasures Summit. This event will include multiple opportunities for Government and consortium members to interact, showcase capabilities and exchange information regarding upcoming government requirements for both consortia. Highlights include Program Requirement Briefs, Speed Networking, Innovation Pitch/challenges, and numerous Information Sharing Sessions hosted by the government.


New for 2023

We are co-locating with the TechConnect World Innovation Conference to expand member opportunities, including: networking with private-sector industry and investment scouts, access to over $4B in participating SBIR/STTR Program Officers, and a chance to showcase your technologies at the nation's top innovation matchmaking expo.

MCDC/CWMD Member Registration

CWMD/MCDC Members will be provided a free registration code to attend the Countermeasures Summit. In addition, CWMD/MCDC Members will be provide discount options if interested in either exhibiting or attending the full TechConnect World Innovation Conference.

CBRN Defense Challenge

Submit for the chance to pitch your technology to top military and industry leadership in a shark-tank style pitch program. Due April 14th

CBRN Defense Challenge - Closed


Speed Networking Member Briefs

Present and network your Capabilities! Submit your summary-brief for consideration to present during the Speed Networking program.

Submit Member Brief


Exhibit Opportunities

Showcase your company or technologies at the TechConnect Innovation Expo. CWMD/MCDC Members receive a 15% discount on exhibit packages!

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CBNR Defense Challenge - Program

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Tuesday June 20

1:00CBRN Defense Challenge - Protection (MCDC & CWMD Sponsored)
2:00CBRN Defense Challenge - Medical (MCDC & CWMD Sponsored)
3:00CBRN Defense Challenge - Medical (MCDC & CWMD Sponsored)
4:00CBRN Defense Challenge - Sensors (MCDC & CWMD Sponsored)


Tuesday June 20

1:00CBRN Defense Challenge - Protection (MCDC & CWMD Sponsored)Maryland CD
Challenge Overview - MCDC & CWMD
M. Stebbins, ATI - CWMD & MCDC, US
Advancing CBRN Protection with MOFs
P. Fuller, NuMat Technologies, US
Electrospin/spray for production of high mitigant-loaded fabrics
R. Pawle, Akita Innovations, LLC, US
Surface Ionization Noncontact Extended-Wear (SINEW) Mask
A. Mamishev, University of Washington, US
A Negative Pressure Protective Barrier Enclosure: The STAT Enclosure
S. Venticinque, Olifant Medical, US
Point of Use CBRN Filter
J. Rossin, Guild Associates Inc, US
Self-Detoxifying Garment
J. Rossin, Guild Associates Inc, US
2:00CBRN Defense Challenge - Medical (MCDC & CWMD Sponsored)Maryland CD
The Protein ProFiler™: A Microfluidic Solution to the Biomarker Complexity
J. Wiktorowicz, InnovaRegi, LLC, US
Software to model immune biological responses across multiple biological scales
T. Helikar, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, US
Next-generation protein sequencing for pathogen agnostic and massively parallel infectious disease diagnostics
J. Yang, Glyphic Bio, US
An Orally Delivered Transuranic Element Nuclear Chelator Therapeutic
A. Sosica, Captura Biopharma, Inc, US
Sensible PCR Platform
E. Templin, Sensible Diagnostics, Inc., US
Rapid, low-cost, scalable biothreat response platform
B. Finrow, Lumen Bioscience, Inc., US
Recognize- A first-in-class diagnostic platform
R. Khosravi-Far, InnoTech Precision Medicine, Inc, US
3:00CBRN Defense Challenge - Medical (MCDC & CWMD Sponsored)Maryland CD
Tachyon Guardian
Engineered protein for tissue protection
J. Way, General Biologics, Inc., US
B. Bauchwitz, Charles River Analytics, US
Vaccine Microarray Patch / VaxiPatch
A. Van Prooyen, Verndari, Inc., US
Antibody Platform for Detection and Treatment of Bioterrorism Attacks
M. Martino, Northstar Emergency Management, LLC, US
A New Drug for Traumatic Brain Injury
N. Simon, Azevan Pharmaceuticals, Inc, US
ARN-75039: A small molecule broad-spectrum hemorrhagic arenavirus therapeutic
K. McCormack, Arisan Therapeutics, US
4:00CBRN Defense Challenge - Sensors (MCDC & CWMD Sponsored)Maryland CD
Sensor-integrated proteome on-chip (SPOC™): a multiplexed pan-pathogen detection platform
B. Takulapalli, INanoBio, Inc., US
Universal Protocol Adapter (UPA)
C. Oneil, Domenix, US
Machine Learning for Multi-modal CBRN Threat Classification and Localization
F. Kitchell, KEF Robotics Inc, US
A Wearable Diamond Sensor of Ionizing Radiation
S. Kuzikov, Euclid Techlabs, LLC, US
A Field Rugged and Mobile Aerosol Particulate Analytical Laboratory with Aerial Drone Sampling Capability
D. Dikken, Measurement Technology Laboratories, US
MIDNIGHT: Monitoring and Inspecting Dirty Nukes Including Generating Heat Maps of Terrain
D. Stouch, Charles River Analytics, Inc., US
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