JUNE 13-15, 2022

Electronics & Microsystems

Join industry partners and applied research leadership accelerating the development and deployment of advanced electronics solutions into products and society.

Speakers and Chairs Include:

Christopher Sims Christopher Sims
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Ronald Coutu Ronald Coutu
Marquette University
William William "Cy" Wilson
NASA Langley Research Center
Lydia Sohn Lydia Sohn
University of California, Berkeley
Marina Leite Marina Leite
University of California, Davis
Loucas Tsakalakos Loucas Tsakalakos
L3Harris Technologies, Inc.
Mandakini Kanungo Mandakini Kanungo
Corning, Inc.
Yiliang Wu Yiliang Wu
TE Connectivity
Michelle Lampa Michelle Lampa
M2 Lasers
Alexey Gorshkov Alexey Gorshkov
Joint Quantum Institute
Sella Brosh Sella Brosh
NVision Imaging
Piotr Kulczakowicz Piotr Kulczakowicz
Quantum Startup Foundry
Kambiz Safinya Kambiz Safinya
Yuhan Lee Yuhan Lee
Harvard Medical School
Xin Zhang Xin Zhang
Boston University
Martin Poitzsch Martin Poitzsch
Aramco Services Company

Sector Program - Electronics & Microsystems

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Monday June 13

8:30TechConnect World Innovation Conference - Plenary Keynotes
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Printed & Flexible Electronics I
10:30Aerospace & Defense Innovation Spotlights: REI & Northrop Grumman
12:00Lunch Break
1:30Printed & Flexible Electronics II
1:30Quantum Sensing
2:45Electronics, Sensors, Communications Innovation Spotlights Session: Rothwell Figg
4:00SBIR/STTR Agency Meet-and-Greet at SBIR Pavilion, Expo Hall
4:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception (4:00 - 6:00)

Tuesday June 14

9:00Bio-Sensing & Health
12:00Lunch Break
1:30Challenging Sensor Deployments
1:30Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainable Micro- and Nanofabrication on an International Scale
4:00TechConnect Expo & Networking Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Poster Session
Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab-on-Chip - Posters
Electronics & Quantum - Posters
Sensors - Posters

Wednesday June 15

9:00Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab on a Chip
12:30Rare Earths Roadmapping - Consortium for Rare Earth Technologies (CREaTe)


Monday June 13

8:30TechConnect World Innovation Conference - Plenary KeynotesMaryland A
Session chair: Matthew Laudon, TechConnect Division ATI
2022 Science & Technology Acceleration Opportunities
M. Laudon, TechConnect Division, ATI, US
TechConnect Technical & Business Program Highlights
J. Rocha, D. Yablon, TechConnect Division, ATI, US
What if a country other than the United States dominates the nanomaterial market?
L. Mertz, Cerion Nanomaterials, US
Materials Informatics at 3M: The Intersection of Simulation, Machine Learning, Data Management, and Experimentation
C. Lipscomb, 3M Company, US
Advancements in Novel Neural Interfaces
A. Emondi, PionTier LLC, US
National Nanotechnology Initiative - 2022 Opportunities & Insights
L. Friedersdorf, National Nanotech Coordination Office, US
10:00Coffee BreakLobby
10:30Printed & Flexible Electronics INational Harbor 14
Session chair: Mandakini Kanungo, Corning, Inc., US
Silver Nanowire-Based Stretchable Conductors through Printing
H. Zhao, Virginia Commonwealth University, US
Polarized-Emitting Quantum Dot LEDs
H. Schlicke, C. Schloen, C. Castillo Delgadillo, S. Becker, T. Jochum, H. Weller, J.-S. Niehaus, Fraunhofer CAN, DE
Electrically conductive micropaths made from assembled 1D particle structure: novel method of fabrication, and micropath characterization
Y. Harkavyi, K. Giżyński, Z. Rozynek, Adam Mickiewicz University, PL
Emerging Opportunities for Transparent Conductors
S. Dale, IDTechEx, UK
10:30Aerospace & Defense Innovation Spotlights: REI & Northrop GrummanNational Harbor 10
Session chair: Michael Mazzocco, Alytic, Inc., US
REI Innovation Spotlight
H. Morgan, REI, US
Northrop Grumman Innovation Spotlight
T. Reid, Northrop Grumman, US
Craitor- Rugged, Portable, Intelligent 3D Printers
E. Shnell, Craitor, US
Helicoid® technology - bioinspired composite material for ultra-tough, lower weight and lower cost structures
L. Mencattelli, Helicoid Industries Inc., US
Hydrogen powered modular autonomous air and road eVTOL for regional air mobility
S. Sathya, LuftCar LLC, US
Robotic Maintenance Vehicle
Z. Graber, necoTECH, US
Economical, clean regional transport
K. Echols, LeVanta Tech LLC, US
Reusable Energy Absorbing Pads (REAP)
D. Allaei, SWG RED LLC, US
Strathclyde Minor Grove Binders (S-MGBs)
D. Findlay, Rostra Therapeutics Ltd., UK
Review Panelist
C. Owens, Lockheed Martin, US
Review Panelist
T. Reid, Northrop Grumman, US
Review Panelist
P. Staszak, Boeing, US
12:00Lunch BreakOn own
1:30Printed & Flexible Electronics IINational Harbor 14
Session chair: Mandakini Kanungo, Corning, Inc., US
Innovative Solutions for microLED Displays
S. Garner, Corning, Inc., US
Functional inks for In-Mold Electronics and High Temperature applications
H-H. Lee, Dupont, US
Adhesive Offering Z-Axis Conductivity, Stretchability and Manufacturing Scalability for LED Electroactive Light Sheets
A. Stemmermann, D. Balder, M. Stemmermann, P. Lall, SunRay Scientific LLC, US
Designing materials for safe, flexible lithium ion batteries
D.G. Mackanic, Anthro Energy, US
Quantum Dot Emitter Arrays: Tunable Light Sources for Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
H. Schlicke, L. Niemann, Ö. Tokmak, H. Weller, J.-S. Niehaus, Fraunhofer CAN, DE
Printed/flexible sensors for a connected future
S. Dale, IDTechEx, UK
1:30Quantum SensingNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Loucas Tsakalakos, L3Harris Technologies, Inc., US, & Piotr Kulczakowicz, Quantum Startup Foundry, US
Quantum enhanced MRI agents can change how we diagnose and treat cancerous tumors
S. Brosh, NVision Imaging, US
Quantum Sensor Networks
A. Gorshkov, Joint Quantum Institute, US
Rydberg atomic sensors enabling wideband RF communications
D. Meyer, Army Research Lab, US
G. Chang, IBM, US
Workforce development in RF/microwave hardware engineering
A. Salari, Quaxys LLC, US
2:45Electronics, Sensors, Communications Innovation Spotlights Session: Rothwell FiggNational Harbor 10
How to Protect your Valuable IP
B. Rosenbloom, Rothwell Figg, US
Memristor – Novel Nano Memory Device
G. Christensen, Novum Nano, US
An Intelligent Metaoptic Design Package
J. Nelson, Azimuth Corporation, US
Interoperable Situational Awareness Across Jurisdictions Globally Using Digital Communications
L. Robinson, Haas Alert, US
An innovative, eco-friendly and high resolution roll to roll selective metallization
S. Stremsdoerfer, Jet metal technologies, FR
McQ CONNECT(R) Global Satellite Communications Product
J. McQuiddy, McQ Inc, US
Athlete Engineering Baseline Ecosystem: innovative technologies to enhance human performance
T. Luczak, Mississippi State University, US
World's First Augmented Reality Contact Lens
M. Colby, Tectus Corporation, US
Miniaturized Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Harsh Environment Sensor
D. McIntyre, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), US
Review Panelist
B. Rosenbloom, Rothwell Figg, US
Review Panelist
J. Fanelli, U.S. Navy, US
Review Panelist
T. Gillespie, In-Q-Tel, US
Review Panelist
P. Hoekstra, Boeing, US
4:00SBIR/STTR Agency Meet-and-Greet at SBIR Pavilion, Expo HallExpo Hall DE
U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), US
U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), US
U.S. Army, US
U.S. Navy, US
U.S. Air Force, US
National Institutes of Health (NIH), US
National Science Foundation (NSF), US
Department of Homeland Security (DHS), US
Missile Defense Agency (MDA), US
Defense Health Agency (DHA), US
U.S. Department of Education, US
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), US
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), US
4:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception (4:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall DE

Tuesday June 14

9:00Bio-Sensing & HealthNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Sehoon Chang, Aramco Americas, US
Therapeutic luminal coating of the intestine for the treatment of metabolic diseases
Y. Lee, Harvard Medical School, US
High-Throughput DNA Directed Patterning to Recapitulate Biological Signaling Scenarios
L. Sohn, University of California, Berkeley, US
The use of RFID technology in university classrooms: Covid-19 related
A. Malekmohammadi, R.R. Bautista, R. Hernandez, California state university Bakersfield, US
Portable and low-cost device in the concept of the Internet of Things for continuous monitoring of potassium, sodium and nitrate in hydroponic greenhouse
I. Agir, T. Özer, Istanbul Medeniyet University; Yildiz Technical University, TR
Reprogrammable Nucleic Acid-Based Biomarker Measurements
A. Balijepalli, J.M. Majikes, J.A. Liddle, P.M. Vallone, A.J. Kearsley, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
12:00Lunch BreakOn own
1:30Challenging Sensor DeploymentsNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Martin Poitzsch, Aramco Americas, US
Novel compact X-ray source and sensor system enables first direct measurement of oil and gas well integrity
K. Safinya, Visuray, US
Magnetic Position Sensor for Robots Operating in Steel Tubulars
H.R. Seren, M. Deffenbaugh, Aramco Americas, US
Towards functional metamaterials and metadevices
X. Zhang, Boston University, US
Untethered Downhole Viscometer for Polymer Degradation Monitoring During Enhanced Oil Recovery Operations
M. Gonzalez, H. Seren, T. Thiel, T. Davis, T. Hillman, C. Powell, S. Ayirala, L. Maskeen, A. Sofi, M. Deffenbaugh, Aramco Services Company: Aramco Research Center—Houston, US
Trace Level Detection of Advanced Barcoded Tracers in High Salinity Reservoir Brine
S. Chang, G. Thomas, W. Wang, H. Ow, Aramco Americas, US
1:30Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainable Micro- and Nanofabrication on an International ScaleChesapeake B
Introduction to the NanoFabNet
S. Friedrichs, AcumenIST, BE
Keynote: Critical Sustainability: Environmental Social and Governance Programs
L. Gonzalez, Micron Technology, Inc., US
Focus on Small – special session on ‘Micro- & Nanofabrication in Start-Up & SMEs’
M. Hull, J. Lead, F. de la Vega, NNCI, University of South Carolina, PVNanoCell, US
EuroNanoLab: cleanrooms distributed infrastructure providing world-class nanofabrication services and expertise
M. de Labacherlerie, Renatech, FR
Resource Sharing and Collaboration in the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI)
D. Gottfried, NNCI, US
Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainable Micro- and Nanofabrication at an international Scale
4:00TechConnect Expo & Networking Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Poster SessionExpo Hall DE
Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab-on-Chip - PostersExpo Hall DE
Computational Modeling of a Wearable Device with Feedback to Advance the Healing of Chronic Skin Ulcers
J. Heidrich, K. Oh, University at Buffalo, US
Development, Manufacturing, and Application of Photoacoustic Test Phantom
L.B. Christie, P.J. Schneider, J.R. Heidrich, K.W. Oh, University at Buffalo, US
Electronics & Quantum - PostersExpo Hall DE
Tunable Bipolar Single Electron-Pair Transistor
M. Shur, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US
Roll Printed and Roll Imprinted Flexible Transparent Conductive Films
J. Jo, Y-S Jang, S-H Lee, P.W. Park, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM), KR
Delocalized Electron Relay in Superconductive Multiple-layer Self-Assembled Membranes Promoted Room-temperature d Wave Mixed-spin Triplet of Copper-pair to Penetrate Toroidal Josephson Junction Barriers with a Magnitude Higher Open Circuit Potential
E.T. Chen, J.T. Thornton, S-H. Duh, Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc., US
Quantum Information Science for Energy Sector Applications
H. Paudel, S. Crawford, Y. Duan, National Energy Technology Laboratory, US Department of Energy, US
Sensors - PostersExpo Hall DE
Standalone Electrochemical Sensing of SARS-CoV-2: Unraveling the Mechanism
A. Ramanujam, G.G. Botte, Texas Tech University, US
Mutual Inductance Inversion Algorithm for Radial Magnetic Permeability Imaging Downhole
R. Adams, J.M. Felix Servin, W. Wang, M. Deffenbaugh, Aramco Americas: Aramco Research Center – Houston, US
Drilling Mud Sensing for Wellbore Stability
J.O. Alvarez, Aramco Americas - Sensors development, US
Development of Plasmonic Sensor Platforms for Biomedical Diagnostic Applications
S. Sayin, L. Sun, K.D. Benkstein, K.L. Steffens, S. Semancik, M. Zaghloul, The George Washington University, US
Biomimetic sensing of progesterone in pharmaceutical samples
A. Laza, A. Godoy, S. Pereira, P.R. Aranda, G.A. Messina, C.D. Garcia, F.A. Bertolino, J. Raba, Universidad Nacional de San Luis, AR
Fs-laser written 3D diamond circuit technology for photodetection and radiation-hardened electronics
I. Ponomarev, Euclid TechLabs, US
Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy-Based Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Through In Situ One-pot Electrochemical Synthesis of 3D Au-Lysate Nanocomposite Structures on Plasmonic Au Electrodes
I. Baffour Ansah, D-H. Kim, S-G. Park, University of Science and Technology, Korea, KR

Wednesday June 15

9:00Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab on a ChipNational Harbor 6
Session chair: Kwang Oh, University at Buffalo (SUNY), US
Measurements in flow: improving cytometry and flow metrology in optofluidic devices
G. Cooksey, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Next-generation diagnostics and sensors in a pandemic age
S. Sia, Columbia University, US
Dynamics of high-viscosity multiphase flows in microfluidics
T. Cubaud, Stony Brook University, US
Lens-less integrated optical beam shaping for Lab-on-a-Chip applications
J. Sadeghi, G.A. Cooksey, UMD & National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Dynamic range and uncertainty analysis of a serial microfluidic cytometer
M.A. Catterton, M. DiSalvo, E.W. Esch, P.N. Patrone, G.A. Cooksey, John Hopkins University, US
Symmetric Two-Layer Microfluidic Device for Multiphase 3D-Hydrodynamic Flow Focused Nanoparticle Synthesis
E.K. Marecki, C. Bowman, D. Gutierrez, M. Ketcham, R. Rayhan, B. Davidson, P. Knight, K.W. Oh, SUNY University at Buffalo, US
3D Printing Enabled Uniform Temperature Distributions and Fluorescent Temperature Sensing in Microfluidic Devices
G. Hawkins, D. Sanchez, H.S. Hinnen, A. Day, A.T. Woolley, G.P. Nordin, and T. Munro, Brigham Young University, US
12:30Rare Earths Roadmapping - Consortium for Rare Earth Technologies (CREaTe)National Harbor 13
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