JUNE 13-15, 2022

2022 Index of Affiliations

Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyM4.482Sulfide Chemistry for Rare Earth Magnet Recycling
MESA Standards AllianceT8.404MESA-DER Specification (the Bluetooth of Energy Storage) Testing and Certification Program
Metafold 3DT4.321Unlocking Industrial Metamaterials Through Design for Additive Manufacturing
Micron Technology, Inc.T4.462Keynote: Critical Sustainability: Environmental Social and Governance Programs
Minerva Lithium, LLC/ University of North Carolina GreensboroT4.383Nano Mosaic Sorbent Technology for Lithium Recovery
Mississippi State UniversityM4.265Catalytic Thermal Molecular Welding Method for Synthesizing Multi-Layer Nano-Shell Structure-based Graphene Materials fr…
Mississippi State UniversityT1.287Athlete Engineering BaseLine Ecosystem: innovative technologies to enhance human performance
Mississippi State UniversityT8.241A Novel Method for Anomaly Detection Using Scan Statistics
Mississippi State UniversityT8.261Synthesis of microalgae-derived Microporous Carbons Captured Metal Oxides for Catalytic Conversion
Mississippi State UniversityT8.262Rice Grain reconstitution w/ starch gelatinization
Mississippi State UniversityT8.382A Rapid Assay for Detecting Neutralizing Antibody Against SARS-Cov2
Mississippi State UniversityT8.423Synthesis of Optically Active Indoline Derivatives via Ruthenium(II)-Catalyzed Enantioselective C-H Functionalization
Mississippi State UniversityT8.565Adiabatic Quantum Computer to count the number of groundstates of a quantum Hamiltonian
Mississippi State UniversityT8.624Fungal Attractant to Enhance Termite Bait Stations
Mississippi State UniversityT8.625Precision Conservation Decision Support Tool
Mississippi State UniversityW2.224Leakage Minimization Face Barrier
Mississippi State University Advanced Composites InstituteT8.201Blazing new frontiers in composite tooling using reactive additive manufacturing
MIT Lincoln LaboratoryT1.186Highly-reinforced aluminum composite powders for additive manufacturing: Mechanical alloying of powders and consolidatio…
Mount Sinai Health SystemT1.284Real-time Multi-Modality Clinical Decision Support Platform: An Overview of Incorporating Deep Learning within Multi-Mod…
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