JUNE 13-15, 2022

2022 Index of Affiliations

Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryT4.444A Dual Participation Framework for Energy Storage as a Transmission and Market Asset
Penn StateT8.636Upcycling Plastic Waste into Graphitic Carbons
Penn State UniversityM4.246Conversion of Natural Gas to Value-Added Carbon Materials Using Microwave Plasma Technology
Penn State UniversityM4.261An insect-inspired and low-power collision detector based on atomically thin and light-sensitive 2D memtransistors
Penn State UniversityT1.267Novel diphenol based functionalized adsorbers for solid-phase extraction of germanium
Penn State UniversityT4.262Application of Templating for Upcycling Plastic Waste
Penn State UniversityT4.344Coal-based Bricks & Blocks (CBBs): Process Development to Prototype Fabrication Coupled with Techno-Economic Analysis an…
PerkinElmer Inc.T8.662Using Ion-Molecule Reactions for Removal of Spectral Interferences to Achieve Accurate Measurements that Improve your P…
Pewman InnovationT8.264Crioprotect; an organic biofortifier based on Nanotechnology and Antarctic bacteria that protect crops from frost damage
Polymer Solutions IncM2.382Manufacturing and Use of a Molecularly Recyclable Polymer
PowerUP Fuel CellsM4.345High power density fuel cell systems for portable electric generators
Princeton UniversityM2.421Imaging and analysis - an engine for the discovery and innovation
Procter & GambleT4.423Bacterial Membrane's Response to Amphiphilic Molecules
PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP)T8.629Flare Gases Based Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs): Futuristic Materials for Energy Storage Applications
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