JUNE 13-15, 2022

2022 Index of Affiliations

AcumenISTT4.461Introduction to the NanoFabNet
Adam Mickiewicz UniversityM2.283Electrically conductive micropaths made from assembled 1D particle structure: novel method of fabrication, and micropath…
Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc.T8.283Increase ACE2 Concentrations Embedded in the Memristive Electrochemical Sensor Membranes Promote Direct Reagent-free Sen…
Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc.T8.563Delocalized Electron Relay in Superconductive Multiple-layer Self-Assembled Membranes Promoted Room-temperature d Wave M…
Advanced Ceramic Fibers, LLCM4.305Geometrical Morphological Analysis Applied to Composites
Advanced Cooling Technologies IncT4.387Recovery of Neodymium from NdFeB Magnet Powders through Reactive Grinding and Citric Acid
Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) InstituteM4.427Agile AI-ML Enabled Robotic Manufacturing of 3D Multi-Ply Composites​
Akshara YantraW2.223Air Pollution Mitigation Technology
Ambri Inc.M2.445Advancements in Long Duration - Liquid Metal battery technology
Ames LaboratoryM2.463New Magnet Technologies from the Critical Materials Institute
Anthro EnergyM4.284Designing materials for safe, flexible lithium ion batteries
Aramco AmeciasT4.264Application of Nanomaterials in Oilwell Drilling Fluids
Aramco AmericasT4.222Magnetic Position Sensor for Robots Operating in Steel Tubulars
Aramco AmericasT4.225Trace Level Detection of Advanced Barcoded Tracers in High Salinity Reservoir Brine
Aramco Americas - Sensors developmentT8.583Drilling Mud Sensing for Wellbore Stability
Aramco Americas: Aramco Research Center – HoustonT8.582Mutual Inductance Inversion Algorithm for Radial Magnetic Permeability Imaging Downhole
Aramco Services Company: Aramco Research Center—HoustonT4.224Untethered Downhole Viscometer for Polymer Degradation Monitoring During Enhanced Oil Recovery Operations
Argonne National LaboratoryM4.262Atomically thin crystalline oil: Next generation of solid lubricants based on Graphene and 2D materials
Argonne National LaboratoryM4.481Rare Earth Magnet Supply Chain: Challenges and Opportunities
Argonne National LaboratoryW2.381The ReCell Center: Working to Advance Battery Recycling
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