JUNE 13-15, 2022

2022 Index of Affiliations

IBMM4.324Superconducting qubits in quantum machines (Now and the Future)
Icarus RT, Inc.T8.626Exploring graphene to enhance the performance of hybrid solar photovoltaic thermal collectors
Icarus RT, Inc.T8.627Exploring Heat Transfer Efficiency Enhancement for Hybrid PV/Thermal Systems
Idaho National LaboratoryT1.262Bioleaching critical minerals from end-of-life feedstocks
Idaho National LaboratoryT4.382Recovery of Critical Materials from end-of-life devices in the Critical Materials Institute
Idaho National LaboratoryW2.382Reductive Leaching of Metals from Lithium-ion Batteries
IDTechExM2.284Emerging Opportunities for Transparent Conductors
IDTechExM2.383Chemical Recycling Plastic Waste: Justified Hype or Hinderance?
IDTechExM4.286Printed/flexible sensors for a connected future
IDTechExT4.443Nanocarbons Essential Role in Energy Storage: Technology and Market Outlook
IIBRT4.284Fabrication and Testing of Novel Antibacterial and Antiviral Surgical Masks
IIT BombayT8.522Rationally designed continuous flow synthesis platform for engineered safer ZnO quantum dots in healthcare applications …
Indian Institute of Science; Florida Atlantic UniversityT8.362Enhancement of Properties of a Natural Fiber-Reinforced Composite for Structural Applications
INNORD - Geomega ResourcesT1.266Alternative processes for rare-earth extraction from primary and secondary sources
InProcess-LSPM4.242New unique PAT method and instrument for real-time inline size characterization of concentrated, flowing nanosuspensions
InProcess-LSPT8.524Real time size measurements of turbid, flowing lipid nanoparticle suspensions
Institut Jean Lamour (University of Lorraine)T8.226Partial or total substitution of Cobalt by Nickel and of Hf by Ta or Zr in cast polycrystalline chromium–rich superall…
Institut Jean Lamour (University of Lorraine)T8.227Equimolar CoNiFeMnCr High Entropy Alloys added with HfC or TaC carbides: Possible alternative alloys to superalloys base…
Interstellar TherapeuticsM4.211Self-Assembled Nanomaterials: Treating Aging, Cancerous, Infected, Acne, and Psoriatic Skin
Iowa State UniversityT4.425Efficient time propagators for time-dependent Schrodinger equations with applications
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