Self-Assembled Nanomaterials: Treating Aging, Cancerous, Infected, Acne, and Psoriatic Skin

T. Webster
Interstellar Therapeutics,
United States

Keywords: nanomaterials, skin, diseases, self-assembled materials


This study developed novel self-assembled materials composed of DNA based pairs functionalized with specific peptides to treat a wide range of skin disorders. The novel self-assembled material can be used as a cream to apply to skin to promote collagen synthesis for removing aging wrinkles, kill cancerous skin cells, kill bacteria for infected skin and acne, and can treat painful psoriatic skin. In vitro and in vivo studies will be presented that provide evidence for these applications with comparisons to standard of care approaches (such as the use of Botox for treating agin skin and the use of chemotherapeutics for treating skin cancer). In this manner, this study introduces a new nano material that can be tailored to treat a wide range of skin disorders.