OCTOBER 18-20, 2021

Sustainability & Efficiency Innovations

Materials for Sustainability and Efficiency

Symposium Chair

YuanQiao RaoYuanQiao Rao
Fellow, The Dow Chemical Company

Samiul AminSamiul Amin
Associate Professor
Manhattan College

Johan PluyterJohan Pluyter
President and Founder
Pluyter Consulting, LLC

Key Speakers

Matthew KananPerformance-Advantaged Plastic Made from CO2 and Waste Biomass
Matthew Kanan
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Senior Fellow at the Precourt, Institute for Energy, Stanford University

Carlos BosquesBioharvesting Effective and Sustainable Chemicals from Silk to Clean a World Covered in Petrochemicals
Carlos Bosques
Vice President of R&D and Innovation, Evolved by Nature

YuanQiao RaoGreen Chemistry in Home and Personal Care
YuanQiao Rao
Fellow, The Dow Chemical Company

A concern for the environment, regulatory pressure, corporate sustainability goals, and recognition of consumer preferences for products with reduced carbon footprint are driving innovation in sustainable materials, and efficient products and processes. Submit your abstract and participate in this special symposium highlighting international research and development efforts and success stories in the development of a more sustainable future.

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2021 Symposium Sessions

Monday October 18

10:30Sustainable Plastics: Degradable, Recyclable & Reusable
1:30Sustainable Materials for HPC

Tuesday October 19

8:30Sustainability Track Keynotes
1:30Carbon Footprint & Renewable Energies
4:00Sustainability Innovations - Posters

Wednesday October 20

1:30Bio-based Materials and Biofuels

2021 Symposium Program

Monday October 18

10:30Sustainable Plastics: Degradable, Recyclable & ReusableBaltimore 5
Session chair: Maksim Shivokhin, ExxonMobil
10:30Sustainable Packaging Solutions Using Low Density Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) Foam; Technical Challenges, Recyclability and End-Of-Life Solutions
S. Sopher, JSP, US
10:55Processing of polypropylene by material extrusion additive manufacturing, pp. 89-92
J. Gonzalez-Gutierrez, M. Spoerk, C. Holzer, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), LU
11:20Spreading dynamics of thermoset polymer resins in direct ink writing additive manufacturing
N. Alvarez, Drexel University, US
11:45Towards Superior Biopolymer Blends: Tuning the Micro-/Nano-structure of Poly(L-lactide) Composites for High-Performance Applications
A.V. Tuccitto, A. Anstey, N.D. Sansone, C.B. Park, P.C. Lee, University of Toronto, CA
12:10Biodegradable, non-toxic, enzyme and relative humidity responsive antimicrobial nanofibers produced by electrospinning for sustainable food packaging applications
Z. Aytac, R. Huang, N. Vaze, T. Xu, M.B. Chan-Park, K.K. Parker, P. Demokritou, Harvard University, US
1:30Sustainable Materials for HPCBaltimore 5
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, The Dow Chemical Company
1:30Bioharvesting Effective and Sustainable Chemicals from Silk to Clean a World Covered in Petrochemicals
C.J. Bosques, Evolved by Nature
1:55Green Chemistry in Home and Personal Care
Y.Q. Rao, The Dow Chemical Company, US
2:20A Market Outlook for the Aerogel Industry
R. Collins, IDTechEx, US
2:40Cost-effective, Clean, and Self-sustainable Power Generation and Complete Utilization of any Renewable Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) or Other Solid Mixtures
V. Boyko, Fluent Matrix NY, Inc, US
3:00Accurate Pole Testing can increase Resilience of Power Supply Grid and save billions of dollars at the same time, pp. 263-266
K. Deuar, Kris Deuar & Associates, Inc., US
3:20Cost effective mitigation of wildfire risk generated by power lines, pp. 257-259
K. Deuar, Kris Deuar & Associates, Inc., US

Tuesday October 19

8:30Sustainability Track KeynotesWoodrow Wilson B
Session chair: Rebecca Locker, Modern Meadow
8:30Performance-Advantaged Plastic Made from CO2 and Waste Biomass
M. Kanan, Stanford University, US
9:00Recent Developments in the Utilization of Biomass-derived Nanomaterials and Enabling Technologies to Advance the Bioeconomy
O. Rojas, University of British Columbia, CA
9:30Democratization of Sustainable Materials: How Performance is Desrisking a Path to a Post Petroleum Future
C. Dimmler, Checkerspot, US
1:30Carbon Footprint & Renewable EnergiesChesapeake 8
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, The Dow Chemical Company
1:30Exploring the Role of Nanomaterials in Advancing Solar Thermal Technologies, pp. 253-256
O. Demirel, M.G. Anderson, E. Gonzalez, Icarus RT, Inc., US
1:553D printed energy efficient magnetocaloric cooling devices with controlled microchannels, functional grading and magnetic anisotropy, pp. 260-262
V. Sharma, L. Balderson, R. Barua, H. Zhao, R.L. Hadimani, Virginia Commonwealth University, US
2:15Promoting Technology Transfer of a Pumpless Solar Thermal Air Heater (Patent Number 10775058) Innovation using the Customer Discovery Method in a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), pp. 251-252
S. Addo, P. Tyagi, D. Shetty, University of the District of Columbia, US
2:35Integrated Process of CO2 Capture and Conversion to Chemicals: Technology Opportunities and Challenges
C. Panchal, K. Goyal, R. Doctor, E3Tec Service LLC, US
2:55A Portable Nuclear Fusion Powered Generator
M. Paluszek, S.J. Thomas, C. Swanson, S. Cohen, Princeton Fusion Systems, US
4:00Sustainability Innovations - PostersExpo Hall AB
Increasing Engine Efficiency with Friction-Reducing Oil Additives., pp. 267-270
T. Grablander, G. Christensen, C. Bailey, H. Hong, Novum Nano, US
Designing the Next Generation of WIGs
B. Thalheimer, Regent, US

Wednesday October 20

1:30Bio-based Materials and BiofuelsMagnolia 2
Session chair: Rebecca Locker, Modern Meadow & World Nieh, U.S. Forest Service
1:30Commercialising MFC Products: Compliance to Ethical Standards and Legislation
D. Skuse, D. Hewson, J. Phipps, J.A. Shatkin, FiberLean Technologies Limited, UK
1:55Integrated Biorefineries (IBRs) – Key Technology Challenges and Opportunities
R. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, US
2:15Waste-Powered Microgrid for Enhanced Energy Security of Critical Base Infrastructure
D. Robau, National Energy USA, US
2:40So You’ve Set Sustainability Goals – Now What?, pp. 177-183
G. Gebolys, World Energy, US

Topics & Application Areas

  • Materials Recycling
  • Waste Reduction, Remediation
  • Energy Harvesting Technologies
  • Innovations in Solar Materials and Devices
  • Efficient Lighting & Display
  • Materials for Energy Transport & Grid Technologies
  • Green Chemistry & Materials Case Studies
  • Technologies for Carbon Capture
  • Innovative Materials for Carbon Capture & Storage
  • Innovations in Direct Air Capture
  • Innovations in Carbon Dioxide Utilization
  • Other

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