Increasing Engine Efficiency with Friction-Reducing Oil Additives.

T. Grablander, G. Christensen, C. Bailey, H. Hong
Novum Nano,
United States

Keywords: fuel efficiency, oil additive, friction, carbon nanotube, boron nitride, nano, engine, vehicle


Thermally Insulating engine oils limit engine efficiency and longevity. Carbon nanotubes and hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets increase thermal conductivity and allow for extreme friction reduction even when compared to high performance synthetic motor oils. A ratio of 44 parts Mobil oil to 1 part additive significantly decreases the friction coefficient compared to Mobil oil alone according to independent testing at Falex. Testing on 32 gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles ranging from Harley-Davidson motorcycles, passenger cars, pickup trucks, and Semi-Trucks. Dynamometer testing revealed significant Torque and Horsepower improvements. Diesel engines had significant fuel economy benefits. Drivers also noted improved starts, noticeable power increase, and up to 11% better fuel economy. It is expected that engine longevity and oil lifetime will be increased as well.