Carlos Bosques

Vice President of R&D and Innovation

Evolved by Nature

Dr. Carlos Bosques is a scientific leader focused in discovering and translating early scientific concepts into solid platforms and products across multiple industries. Currently, Dr. Bosques heads the Research and Development/Innovation functions across different business lines at Evolved By Nature (EBN), a company committed to improving world’s health by replacing toxic chemicals in the marketplace with it’s Activated Silk Green Chemistry technology. At EBN Dr. Bosques is responsible for overseeing the creation and early development of new products in Personal Care, Textiles and Medical business lines as well as solidifying and expanding EBN’s Activated Silk Green Chemistry platform. Prior to EBN, Carlos Bosques served as Sr. Director of Translational Research at Momenta Pharmaceuticals where he led the discovery and early development of biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Dr. Bosques also held several other positions at Momenta Pharmaceuticals like for example leading the development of a technology platform to enable the generation of differentiated Biosimilars. Carlos Bosques completed his graduate education at MIT where he received his Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry and subsequently completed his postdoctoral training in the Biological Engineering Division. Dr. Bosques is also a co-author of numerous patents and scientific publications and has participated as an invited speaker and chair in many national and international conferences.