OCTOBER 18-20, 2021

2021 Index of Affiliations

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and AstronauticsM4.385Study on building energy efficiency under the combined action of vacuum insulation panel and vacuum glass panel
NanoAffix ScienceW4.282Graphene nanosensors for water quality monitoring
NanoLayr, Ltd.M4.288Novel antimicrobial filter media made of electrospun nanofibres protecting against biological or non-biological airborne…
NanosurfT4.207Nanoscale Scanning Probe Metrology for a Non-Flat World: How to measure sub-nanometer roughness on complex geometries an…
National Energy USAW4.266Waste-Powered Microgrid for Enhanced Energy Security of Critical Base Infrastructure
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM2.242Optical surprises of nanoparticle standards
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM4.241Photonics with single solid-state quantum emitters
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM4.465Super-resolution focused-ion-beam nanofabrication
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT2.323Structure/Property Measurements of Model Aromatic Polyamide Membranes
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT2.523Coarse-grain models of polymer melts: Preserving structure and dynamics
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyW4.202NIST, Neutrons, and Next Gen Product Development
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyW4.204Neutron Imaging and Far-Field Interferometry
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyW4.222Determining Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Partition Conditions in Aqueous Two-Polymer Phase Extraction with Near-Infrared …
National Research Council CanadaW4.223A nanotube fabric approach for multifunctional composites
National Science FoundationW1.162NSF Advanced Manufacturing Program and Research Opportunities
Naval Research LaboratoryT1.161Controlling light with plasmonic materials
Naval Research LaboratoryT8.422Ionomers with Tunable Viscosity for Additive Manufacturing of Ionic-Covalent Double Networks
New Mexico State UniversityT2.385Testing of non-rubber extracts of guayule (Parthenium argentatum) as a bio-based urban insect repellents
New Mexico State UniversityT8.381Comprehensive Characterization of Bio-Crude Oil from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Kitchen Waste
Nonlinear Materials CorporationT4.245Next-Generation Materials for Hybrid Electro-Optics
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