OCTOBER 18-20, 2021

2021 Index of Affiliations

Aalen UniversityM2.224Machine learning for microstructures classification in functional materials
Aalen UniversityM2.225Machine learning based detection and deep learning based image inpainting of preparation artefacts in micrographs
ABB EL Corporation Research CenterW8.302Gelation behavior study of thermogelling poly(ε-caprolactone-co-1, 4, 8-trioxa[4, 6]spiro-9-undecanone)-poly(ethylene g…
ABB INC.M4.267Thermal-resistant Plastic Composites for Industrial Applications: Processing and Properties
ABB Inc.W2.263Performance of low friction bio-inspired coatings in hydrodynamic journal bearings
Additive ManufacturingT4.521Ask the Editor – a Q&A Session on Additive Manufacturing
Additive ManufacturingW1.161Reshaping Manufacturing in the Post-Pandemic Era: Where Additive Manufacturing Is Now
Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc.T2.242Moxifloxacin Inhibited b-Amyloid Bio-communication and Impairs Aβ Folding with HSP60 Memristive Devices For Promoting C…
Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc.W8.384Experimental Observations of Majorana Particles Produced in Arrays of Fractional Josephson Junctions in An Organo-metall…
Advanced Rail Energy StorageM2.484Rail-Based Gravity Storage - The Advantages of Pumped Hydro Without the Disadvantages
Advanced Remote Sensing, Inc.M4.205A New Method for Atmospheric Correction of Satellite Data
Advanced Remote Sensing, Inc.T8.625DoD Recon Needs the “Closed-form Method for Atmospheric Correction” (CMAC)
Aging Aircraft Solutions & University of Georgia Center for Cyberphysical SystemsT8.629Manufacturing Machine Electrical Waveform Fault & Cyberattack Detection System
Alabama State UniversityW8.307Microfluidics based production liposomal formulation to treat skin infection caused by staphylococcus aureus
Ann Arbor Pioneer High SchoolT4.547Kidney Cancer Staging using Deep Learning Neural Network: Comparing Models Trained on Whole Kidney with Cancer and Only …
Anton Paar USAM4.424Optimizing Hydrogen Storage for Carbon Footprint Reduction
AOSense, Inc.T4.263Revolutionizing sensing using quantum technologies
Aramco AmericasT4.262Microfluidic Paper-based Analytical Devices for Rapid On-site Optical Chemical Analysis in the Oil Field
Aramco AmericasT4.265Downhole Corrosion Sensors for Predictive Maintenance of Gas Well Under Harsh Conditions
Aramco Services CompanyT4.267Untethered Well Logging Robot
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