OCTOBER 18-20, 2021

2021 Index of Affiliations

TDA Research, Inc.T4.368Lightweight, Compact System for Generating Lactated Ringer's Solution
TDA Research, Inc.W8.303Technology for Sterile Water Generator
Technical Systems IntegratorsW2.284Next Generation PCIe Network Fabric for Simulators and Performance Computing
TechreoM4.466Layered Structures - Innovative Tube/Pipe Manufacturing Process - 2020 Abstract 653
Texas A&M UniversityT2.223Sustainable production of graphene from petroleum coke using electrochemical exfoliation
Texas A&M UniversityW4.225Joule heating of carbon nanotube pixels for on-demand thermal patterning
Texas Tech UniversityM4.327Ultrafast COVID-19 Diagnosis using Saliva Sample
Texas Tech University Health Sciences CenterM4.348Titanium dioxide nanoparticles modulate the production of immune mediators associated with lepromatous leprosy by human …
The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment StationT4.421Enhancing agrichemical delivery and plant development with biopolymer-based stimuli responsive nanoplatforms
The Dow Chemical CompanyM4.362Green Chemistry in Home and Personal Care
The George Washington UniversityT1.141Integrating Nanotechnology with 3D Bioprinting for Vascularized Tissue Regeneration
The George Washington UniversityT4.385A Bioaffinity Approach to Circulating Tumor Cells Capture
The George Washington UniversityW4.374A Review on the integration of brake performance and energy efficiency optimization of regenerative braking system
The Graphene CouncilT4.227Graphene Commercialization - Production and Application Updates
The Ohio State UniversityT4.465Establishing rubber dandelions and guayule in the United States via premium markets to secure essential supplies
The Pennsylvania State UniversityW2.261Nature-Inspired Materials for Water Sustainability Applications
The University of North Carolina at GreensboroT8.524Natural Metal-Organic Phenolate Dendrimer Frameworks of Lithium for Solid-State Ionic Conduction
The University of Texas at AustinT2.225Atomristors: Non-volatile Resistance Switching Behavior in 2D Monolayers and the Applications in Memory, RF Switch and N…
Thermo Fisher ScientificT4.228On the ideal diamagnetic response of composite graphene and graphite nanostructures
Thinking Robots, Inc.T8.639Learning Tasks and Missions from Natural Language Instructions in One Shot
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