OCTOBER 18-20, 2021

2021 Index of Affiliations

North Carolina State UniversityM2.462Advances in Multi-Layer Conductive Ink-Jet Printing on Textiles
Northeast Ohio Medical UniversityT2.365Glycation of the lipoprotein ApoAI is a novel biomarker for early predicting diabetic cardiovascular complications
Northeastern UniversityM4.463High-throughput Printing of Nanoelectronics and Sensors on Rigid and Flexible Substrates
Northeastern UniversityW1.163Sustainable and Scalable Manufacturing of Microelectronics Using Directed Assembly of Nanomaterials
Northwestern UniversityM4.281Frost Pattern on Macrotextured Surfaces
Northwestern UniversityT4.523Hierarchical Deep Learning Neural Network (HiDeNN)-AI for process design and performance prediction of additive manufact…
Northwestern UniversityT4.527AM-CFD: a well-validated thermal-fluid simulator for additive manufacturing part qualification
Northwestern UniversityW4.323Integrated process-structure-property modeling framework and methods for process design and performance prediction of ad…
Nova Southeastern UniversityT4.549Preventing Elderly Falling Through Machine Learning
Novum NanoT8.222A Novel Approach to Fabricate Carbon Nanomaterials-Nanoparticle Solids through Aqueous Solutions and their Applications
Novum NanoT8.361Increasing Engine Efficiency with Friction-Reducing Oil Additives.
Novum NanoW8.241Conductive coatings eliminate static discharge risk on aircraft
Novum NanoW8.242Hydrogen bonding enhanced thermally conductive carbon nano grease for enhanced CPU performance
nScrypt Inc.T4.524The Strength of 3D Printed Electronics
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