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Materials for Sustainability and Efficiency

Symposium Chair

Fiona CaseFiona Case
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Symposium Sessions

Monday June 17

10:30ISO 14034 Environmental Technology Verification (Presented by VerifiGlobal and Southern Research)
1:30Carbon Capture & Utilization

Tuesday June 18

10:30Packaging Materials Innovation
10:30Energy/Sustainability Innovation Spotlights: Alytic, Navy, Novartis
1:30Water Technologies
4:00Materials for Sustainability & Efficiency: Posters

Wednesday June 19

8:30Sustainability Fireside Chat
10:30Biofuels & Bioproducts
1:30Materials for Personal/Home Care & Cosmetics
1:30Nano & Microfibrillated Cellulose

Symposium Program

Monday June 17

10:30ISO 14034 Environmental Technology Verification (Presented by VerifiGlobal and Southern Research)205
Introduction to ISO 14034 and its Benefits
T. Hansen, Southern Research, US
ISO 14034 Process Requirements
T. Bruun, VerifiGlobal, DK
Advanced Septic System Nitrogen Sensor Challenge
M. Theroux, US EPA, US
Advanced Septic System Nitrogen Sensor Challenge
G. DeRuzzo, Battelle, US
Performance Verification of Stormwater Technologies
G. Williams, Good Harbour Laboratories, CA
Performance Verification of Stormwater Technologies
D. Scott, Hydro International, US
1:30Carbon Capture & Utilization205
Session chair: Elizabeth Burton, California Institute for Energy and Environment, US; Ron Munson, Cogentiv Solutions LLC, US
1:30Faradaic Electro-Swing Reactive Adsorption for Carbon Capture
S. Voskian, T.A. Hatton, MIT, US
1:55An Overview of DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy Carbon Capture Program and Carbon Use and Reuse Program Activities
B. Anderson, U.S. Department of Energy, US
2:20Progress Towards Large Capture Pilots in Illinois
K. O’Brien, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC), US
2:45Understanding the Contribution of Upstream CO2 Sources to the Total Life Cycle Impacts of Algae Biofuels
A.K. Pegallapati, M. Krynock, M. Mutchek, G. Cooney, T. Skone, E. Dale, E. Shuster, Contractor to the National Energy Technology Laboratory, US
3:05Integrated Process of CO2 Capture and Conversion to Alkyl Carbonates
C.B. Panchal, R. Doctor, E3Tec Service, LLC, US
3:25Pilot Scale Demonstration of Carbon Utilization Technologies for the NRG COSIA Carbon XPrize
T. Hansen, K. McCabe, W. Chatterton, M. Leitch, Southern Research, US

Tuesday June 18

10:30Packaging Materials Innovation201
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, The Dow Chemical Company, US; Johan Pluyter, Pluyter Consulting, LLC
10:30Vibration Assisted Injection Molding for PLA with Enhanced Mechanical Properties and Reduced Cycle Time
P. GAO, A. Duhduh, A. Kundu, J. Coulter, Lehigh University, US
10:50Novel Nanosilica - latex Polymer Dispersion Composites and Their Beneficial Environmental Application in Water Barrier Coatings for Paper-based Packaging
J.H. Johnston, B. Mesic, M.J. Cairns, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
11:10Gas Barrier Enhancement via Multilayered Thermoplastic Polymer/Fluorophosphate Glass Composites
D. Vennerberg, Bemis Company, Inc., US
11:30Closed Loop Circular Economy Approach for Oil- and Water-Resistant Paper Products
M. Rabnawaz, Michgian State University, US
10:30Energy/Sustainability Innovation Spotlights: Alytic, Navy, Novartis305
Session chair: Jennifer Rocha, TechConnect, US
10:30Novartis Business Services
J. Goudreau, Novartis Business Services, US
10:45Photovoltaic Devices Based on Guided Nanowire Arrays
R. Kreizman, Yeda Research & Development Co. Ltd., IL
10:52A Renewable Hydrogen Production Technology Using Waste as Feedstock
A. Borole, Electro-Active Techologies, LLC, US
10:59Transforming Organic Waste into Renewable Energy Solutions
R. Sullivan, ITility, LLC, US
11:06Rationally Designed, Nanoarchitectured Catalyst
S. Liu, Metalmark Innovations, Inc., US
11:13Recyclable fabrics for passive personal thermoregulation
S. Boriskina, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
11:20Process to Improve Lithium Ion Battery Life and Capacity
L. Micek, University of Minnesota - Technology Commercialization, US
11:27“Green” Base Oils for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants
L. DiNetta, RiKarbon, Inc., US
11:34Acid-free Dissolution Recycling of Rare Earth Elements and Cobalt
Krennrich, Critical Materials Institute, An Energy Innovation Hub, US
Review Panelist
J. Goudreau, Novartis Business Services, US
Review Panelist
Review Panelist
N. Rao, US Small Business Administration, US
Review Panelist
S. Stella, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), US
1:30Water Technologies205
Session chair: Steven Jons, DuPont, US; Jeffrey McCutcheon, University of Connecticut, US
1:30Redox-Mediated Electrosorption for Chemical and Environmental Separations
X. Su, X. Mao, Y. Ren, K-J Tan, T.A. Hatton, MIT, US
1:55Novel Electron Beam Technology for Water Treatment
C.A. Cooper, S. Grdanovska, A. Cox, G. Rijal, K. Patel, K. Kumar, Fermi National Accelerator Lab, US
2:15Resin wafer electrodeionization for the removal of weakly ionized species: silica and ammonia
Y.J. Lin, L. Valentino, Argonne National Laboratory, US
2:35Development of cross-linked bio-based flocculants for the removal of colloidal suspensions
M. Essandoh, R.A. Garcia, C.M. Nieman, United States Department of Agriculture, US
4:00Materials for Sustainability & Efficiency: PostersHall C
Cotton Aerogel
D.H. Minh, National University of Singapore, SG
Sustainable Aerogels from Spent Coffee Grounds
D.H. Minh, National University of Singapore, SG
Wearable solar thermoelectric generator driven by unprecedentedly high temperature difference
NEAT method for high-quality, low-cost gallium nitride wafers
T. Hashimoto, E. Letts, D. Key, SixPoint Materials, Inc., US
Enhancement of optical properties of Perovskite solar cells through added plasmonic nanostructures
N. Shehata, H. Badran, I. Kandas, A. Hajjiah, Kuwait College of Science and Technology, KW
Sustainability depend on efficient break from Oil as fuel
J. Barlow, Power Alternative, US

Wednesday June 19

8:30Sustainability Fireside Chat306
Session chair: Fiona Case, TechConnect, US
The thesis for this session is that while there are certainly political issues, some of the major factors limiting adoption of sustainable materials technologies are technical - limitations in materials and manufacturing. These are challenges which the TechConnect community could plausibly solve. Bring your questions and ideas and join our eminent panel of thought-leaders as we discuss what exists, and what is needed, to save the world.
I. Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy, US
C. Agapakis, Ginkgo Bioworks, US
S. Jons, DuPont, US
A. Hatton, MIT, US
Y.Q. Rao, The Dow Chemical Company, US
10:30Biofuels & Bioproducts301
Session chair: Rebecca Locker, Modern Meadow, US
10:30Systems analysis of biofuel pathways for the transport sector – interactions with the evolving grid
D.S. Mallapragada, MIT Energy Initiative, US
10:55Renewable Hydrogen from Biomass for Production of Green Fuels and Chemicals
AP. Borole, AJ. Lewis, Electro-Active Techologies, LLC, US
11:15BTMO Catalyzed Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Lignocellulosic Biomass
V. Amar, A. Shende, R. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, US
11:35Cost-effective production of cellulosic ethanol from sweet sorghum stalks via the integration of advanced solid-state fermentation and alkali-distillation
S. Li, Tsinghua University, CN
11:55Bioproducts and Biofuels from High Organic Strength Wastewater and Organic Solid Waste
M. Urgun-Demirtas, H. Wu, D. Demro, S.A. Flores, Argonne National Laboratory, US
12:15High throughput compact membrane filter for micro-algal harvesting
W. Liu, Molecule Works Inc., US
1:30Materials for Personal/Home Care & Cosmetics301
Session chair: YuanQiao Rao, The Dow Chemical Company, US; Johan Pluyter, Pluyter Consulting, LLC, US
1:30Formulation Design of Biosurfactant and Biopolymer Based Personal Care Products
S. Amin, Manhattan College, US
1:55New Natural Material Based Hair Styling Product-MaizecareTM
YQ. Rao, Dow, US
2:20Yeast Cell Wall Particle Encapsulation of Pro-Terpene Payloads
E. Soto, F. Rus, G. Ostroff, University of Massachusetts Medical School, US
2:40Production of Nano-emulsions at Relevant Industrial Rates: Use of Innovative Scale-up Strategies
T. Panagiotou, R.J. Fisher, Delphi Scientific, LLC, US
3:00Game-Changing Odor Elimination Technology for Retail, Textile, and Industrial Applications
P. Sander, UltraTech, US
1:30Nano & Microfibrillated Cellulose303
Session chair: Sean Ireland, Fiberlean Technologies Ltd, US
1:30Water-based esterification and processing of cellulose nanofibrils with polylactic acid for packaging films
N.M. Stark, R.C. Sabo, L.M. Matuana R.A. Lafia-Araga, U.S. Forest Service, US
1:55Eco- and health-friendly gypsum board substitute based on cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) as a binder
I. Hafez, M. Tajvidi, University of Maine, US
2:15Mineral/ microfibrillated cellulose composite materials: Engineered minerals and product forms
D. Skuse, Y. Jin, S. Ireland, FiberLean Technologies Limited, UK
2:35Impact of colloidal stability on cellulose nanocrystals self-ordering in thin films
C. Bruel, J.R. Tavares, P.J. Carreau, M.-C. Heuzey, Polytechnique Montreal, CA
2:55Cellulose Nanocrystals based lubricants
D. Grecov, M.J. Shariatzadeh, University of British Columbia, CA
3:15Low-cost adsorbent for water purification
M. Li, Y. Boluk, M.G. El-Din, University of Alberta, CA
3:35Working with Cellulose Nanomaterials – Preparing a risk-based practical handling guidance
S. Clancy, Vireo Associates, US

A concern for the environment, regulatory pressure, and recognition of consumer preferences, are driving innovation in materials development towards more sustainable and efficient products and processes. Submit your abstract and participate in this special symposium highlighting international research and development efforts and success stories in the development of a more sustainable future.

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