High throughput compact membrane filter for micro-algal harvesting

W. Liu
Molecule Works Inc.,
United States

Keywords: nembrane, ultra-filtration, micro-filtration, algal harvest, metal membrane


A new membrane filter recently developed by Molecule Works Inc will be introduced in this presentation. The membrane filter provides high flux and fouling resistance to filtration of biological and chemical-rich streams, such as micro-algae. The filter is assembled from thin micro-porous Nickel alloy membrane sheets. The micro-porous metal membrane has thickness about 50 micrometer and filters out the particles of 50nm and larger. The thinness of the membrane sheet provides high flux and enables effective membrane cleaning by back flushing. The membrane material is resistant to bio-fouling and chemical-fouling. The membrane can be used for micro and ultra-filtration of biologically active process streams that can cause fouling and/or plugging of polymeric membranes. With its thermal stability, the membrane can also be used for hot filtration. In this presentation, the performance characteristics will be delineated with micro-algal filtering as one application example.