Lynn A. Brickett

Technology manager for Carbon Capture and Use R&D

US Department of Energy

Lynn Brickett is the Carbon Capture and Carbon Use and Reuse R&D Technology Manager at the National Energy Technology Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy.  Her career has focused on environmental issues associated with coal-fired power plants including: by-products, water, nitrogen oxides, mercury and carbon dioxide.  Ms. Brickett has been with NETL for 18 years, working as the Director of the Capture Division, federal project manager in the Innovations for Existing Plants Project Management Division and a researcher studying the environmental impacts of coal by-products.   Prior to NETL, she worked for The US Bureau of Mines conducting research on bioleaching of copper ores, bio-oxidation of gold ores and remediation of acid mine drainage.  Ms. Brickett received her B.S. degree in Environmental Science and her M.S. degree in Environmental Science and Management.