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Advanced Manufacturing Innovation

Advanced Manufacturing Innovation

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Fiona CaseFiona Case
Program Chair

Advanced manufacturing enables rapid transfer of science and technology into new products and processes. It is particularly pertinent for technologically complex products and for the commercialization of advanced materials such as those highlighted at TechConnect World. This symposium focuses on challenges and success stories in technology development and highlights exciting new approaches to solving manufacturing challenges.

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Symposium Sessions

Monday June 17

10:30AI for Advanced Manufacturing
1:30Advanced Manufacturing Environmental Health & Safety Discussion Panel
1:30Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications

Tuesday June 18

10:303D Printing I
1:303D Printing II

Wednesday June 19

8:30AI Keynotes
10:30AI for Materials Development
1:30Graphene Manufacturing & Emerging Commercial Applications
3:40Commercial Markets for Graphene Materials
4:00Advanced Manufacturing: Posters

Symposium Program

Monday June 17

10:30AI for Advanced Manufacturing
AI at Scale: Real World Industrial Applications
C. Lefebvre, nDimensional, US
Science-Guided AI for Development of New Biofuels and Bioenergy Production Technologies
M. Urgun-Demirtas, Y. Lin, P. Laible, Argonne National Laboratory, US
Rapid Artificially Intelligent Design
S. Guerin, Z. Rogers, Additive Rocket Corporation, US
Robot Axis Control Using a Differential Learning Algorithm
B. Abegaz, Loyola University of Chicago, US
Tension prediction using web moving speed and natural vibration frequency
X. Du, J. Yan, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, US
1:30Advanced Manufacturing Environmental Health & Safety Discussion Panel
Advanced Manufacturing and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
M. Ostraat, Aramco Services Company, US
From Emergence to Convergence: The Growing Divide between Innovation and Risk Assessment
A. Kennedy, U.S. Army, Engineering Research & Development Center, US
What’s Happening in the Biomanufacturing Sector?
C. Agapakis, Ginkgo Bioworks, US
Occupational Safety Techniques and Lessons Learned from 13 NIOSH site assessments
K.L. Dunn, CDC - NIOSH, US
Beyond Nanotech: An International Perspective on Advanced Materials & Systems
W. Wohlleben, BASF SE, DE
1:30Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications
Cell-Free Biocatalysis with Self-Assembled Nanoparticle-Enzyme Clusters
J.C. Breger, J.N. Vranish, M.G. Ancona, E. Oh, K. Susumu, M. Stewart, G. Lasarte Aragonés, G. Ellis, S.A. Diaz, S.A. Walper, and I.L. Medintz, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, US
Synthesis of Polymeric Nanoparticle and Application in Stabilizing Foam to Environmental-friendly Enhance Fossil Fuel Recovery
Y. Zhao, J. Geng, B. Bai, Missouri University of Science and Technology, US
Shape Anisotropy Effects on Stoichiometry, Magnetic, and Hyperthermia Properties of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
J. Mohapatra, J. Beatty, M. Xing, J. Elkins, J.P. Liu, University of Texas at Arlington, US
Nano-particles agglomeration in different biological media
A. Dommann, N.I. Anaraki, A. Sadeghpour, P. Wick, A. Neels, Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Sci-ence and Technology, CH
Rapid Detection of Inorganic Arsenic: A Real-Time Screening Method based on de-aggregation of gold nanoparticles
M. Bismuth, G. Shtenberg, Volcani center, IL
Aerosol Based Manufacturing in Nanoscale for Sustainable Mobility and Clean Energy Applications
V. Zacharopoulou, K. Sakellariou, D. Dimitrakis, S. Lorentzou, G. Kastrinaki, G. Ganas, A.G. Konstandopoulos, Center for Research & Technology - Hellas (CERTH), GR
Facile Synthesis of Fe2O3 Colloid: Novel Catalyzing Agent for Solid Rocket Propulsion Systems
M. Yehia, military technical colleague, EG

Tuesday June 18

10:303D Printing I
B. Rothenberg, nTopology, Inc., US
A. Saar, Siemens PLM Software, US
A Multiscale Modeling Suite for Part Qualification in Metal Additive Manufacturing
J. Liu, B. Jalalahmadi, Z. Liu, M. McReynolds, Sentient Science, US
Optimized, Biomimetic Design of Rocket Engines for Additive Manufacturing
K. Adriany, S. Guerin, A. Kieatiwong, A. Kochis, Z. Rogers, R. Weekes, Additive Rocket Corporation, US
Design and manufacture of a functional 3D-printed Stirling engine: A case study involving bound metal deposition of 17-4 PH
B.D. Ellis, Q. Campell, M. Filiault, A. Scopel, K. Rooney, University of Maine, US
Exploring the relationship between process and properties of 3D-printed PLA: Towards process-informed simulation
A. Grant, B.D. Ellis, M. Rais-Rohani, University of Maine, US
1:303D Printing II
S. Gardner, Big Metal Additive, Inc., US
N. Hardwick, MELD Manufacturing Corporation, US
R. Fulop, Desktop Metal, US
Controlling Form and Function through Metal Additive Manufacturing
Z. Cordero, Rice University, US
Projection two-photon lithography for high-throughput nanoscale 3D printing
S.K. Saha, V.H. Nguyen, S-C Chen, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
Heterogeneous Additive Printing of 3D Materials
J. Mead, C. Hansen, A. Ma, J. Qi, D. Kazmer, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US

Wednesday June 19

8:30AI Keynotes
Welcome - Sector Expanding AI Innovation Impact
B.M. Segal, Lockheed Martin, US
Multispectral cross-modal machine learning for material characterization and property predictioncharacterization and property prediction
W. Li, Aramco Research Center, US
Advances in AI for Design and Discovery
J. Kautz, NVIDIA, US
TBA, Sanofi, US
10:30AI for Materials Development
The Search for Ground Truth: Machine Learning for Mechanical Design
K. Brown, Boston University, US
AI For Material and Molecule Discovery
P. Das, IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center, US
Deep Learning of Input/Label Images for a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Utilizing Plasmonic Simulation Response of a Nanoparticle Sensor Substrate
G.R. Gallegos, New Mexico Highlands University, US
Predicting potential energy surfaces with machine learning
M. Hellström, Software for Chemistry & Materials BV, NL
Coarse-grained modeling of polycrystalline ice in supercooled water
H. Chan, M. Cherukara, B. Narayanan, T. Loeffler, C. Benmore, S. Gray, S. Sankaranarayanan, Argonne National Laboratory, US
Machine Learning for Glass Science and Engineering
M. Bauchy, University of California, Los Angeles, US
1:30Graphene Manufacturing & Emerging Commercial Applications
R. Gibbs, Haydale Graphene, UK
Scalable production of graphene using electrochemical exfoliation in compressed reactors
M.J. Green, T.C. Achee, J.T. Hope, W. Sun, P. Lakhe, Texas A&M University, US
Wafer scale CVD Graphene: from Lab to Fab
J. de la Fuente, Graphenea Inc., US
Up-coming Industrial Applications of Graphene Oxide
S.H. Santos, R. Wendelbo, Abalonyx, NO
Graphene and Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Commercialization: Past, Present and Future
R. Collins, IDTechEx, UK
3:40Commercial Markets for Graphene Materials
Session chair: Terrance Barkan, The Graphene Council, US
P. Chinoy, XG Sciences, US
T. Jalloul, NanoXplore, CA
4:00Advanced Manufacturing: Posters
Micro/Nano-Manipulation Using Electrostatics Mechanism
K.M. Lee, T.Y. Choi, Mississippi College, US
Investigation of a hybrid hot runner system to increase the efficiency of injection molding and improve the quality of molded parts
K. Alqosaibi, C. Thakur, A.A. Duhduh, J.P. Coulter, Lehigh University, US
The industrial revolution: From IIoT to Industry 4.0
P.I. Ceseña-Romero, D. Chávez-García, A. Flores-Valentín, J. Lopez-Leyva, CETYS, Universidad, MX
Springback reduction technology of AHSS component using double bending process
J.H. Kim, B.M. Kim, Pusan national university, KR
c-VACNT(TM) enabled Fluid Reactors
K. Strobl, S. Gainey, A. Kumar, A. Kumar, CVD Equipment Corporation, US
Contact pressure analysis in roll to roll process for super-hydrophobic surface fabrication
Y.G Kang, C. Jung, Y. Jeon, M.G. Lee, Ajou University, KR
Optimized, Biomimetic Design of Rocket Engines for Additive Manufacturing
K. Adriany, S. Guerin, A. Kieatiwong, A. Kochis, Z. Rogers, R. Weekes, Alphastar Corporation, US
High fidelity modeling of coupled flow and mechanical deformation in paper manufacturing
D. Trebotich, Y. Hao, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US
Advanced Manufacturing via High Power Electron Beam Accelerator
S. Grdanovska, C. Cooper, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, US
Large-Area Micro and Nanopatterned Drum Molds through Novel Nanocoining Process
S. Furst, N. Miller, Smart Material Solutions, Inc., US

Topics & Application Areas

  • New Industrial Platform Technologies
  • Novel Nanoscale Device Fabrication
  • Innovations in Scalable Nanomanufacturing Techniques
  • Lightweight & Modern Metals
  • Composites Manufacturing
  • Digital Manufacturing & Design Innovation
  • Industry 4.0: Automation & Data Exchange in Manufacturing
  • Smart Factories
  • Sustainable & Green Processes
  • Modeling & Informatics
  • Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Other
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